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Sustainability Education for Employees is Crucial

By: Lael - Director of Global Sustainability

Published: 3 Mar 2022
Last Updated: 2 Jun 2023

In this article, I want to address the importance of sustainability education for employees and how we address it at KnowBe4.

According to the Green Business Bureau, “Employee engagement and training is a must.” I wholeheartedly agree.  To that end, we have an internal sustainability course that all team members take as part of their initial training with KnowBe4.

To date, we have 15 educational videos that we show periodically at our daily company-wide meetings, with more videos in the works. Additionally, we have over 70 sustainability blogs, which are essentially bite-sized posts offering green tips, tricks, and hacks. 

We recently offered Carbonauts training to our employees, where interested staff could learn about their personal carbon footprint and how to reduce that footprint. We had 28 KnowBe4 employees from four different countries take the course. One student commented, "really great and shocking info. I liked how we were given different options to reduce our carbon footprint that best fits our current circumstances."

KnowBe4' Carbonaut students

KnowBe4' Carbonaut students

This past November, we sponsored a KnowBe4 TEDx event, where we showed a selection of TEDx 2021 Countdown videos over the course of one week. The TEDx Countdown was an event on sustainability and environmental issues, which counted down to the UN Climate talks (COP26) in Glasgow. The following quote from one attendee sums up the event nicely, “I loved the series, the ability to watch for one hour a day, and the fabulous content.”  

TEDx Countdown announcement

Through sustainability training for all employees, we ensure that our entire company is on the same page and moving in the same direction. Through our company sustainability statement, employees know the ‘what’ (i.e. our goals and commitments). Through education, they learn the ‘why’ and the ‘how.’ Every single one of our employees makes a difference and is contributing to our net zero carbon emissions and zero waste goals.

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