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Be a Leader in an Important New Industry

El Pescador was acquired by KnowBe4 in 2019 and is now our hub for product development in Latin America. KnowBe4 has been named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2022. Security Awareness Training is a relatively new industry in Brazil that is quickly growing and we are growing along with it. In our São Paulo office, we develop new tools and training courses to help educate and protect employees from phishing and social engineering.

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Gain Global Exposure

From our office in São Paulo, we work closely with our co-workers from all over the world! The large amount of interactions with our international colleagues gives our local team members a lot of exposure to other cultures while providing room for both personal and professional growth.

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Work in a Flexible Environment

We know that a standard workday isn’t best for everyone. That is why we give our team members the freedom and flexibility to work in ways that best suit their needs. From adjustable starting times to remote and hybrid work options, we give our team the ability to decide when, where, and how they accomplish their objectives. We put the power in the hands of our employees and provide them with the autonomy they need to do their jobs as they best see fit.

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Receive World-Class Training and Professional Development

At KnowBe4, we give employees strong foundations for success. All of our team members start their journey in KB4 University to go through KnowBe4's famous onboarding experience and receive comprehensive training. This is followed by continuous on-the-job training and consistent access to our in-house career development and performance coaches. We place a huge focus on continued education and professional development, which is why we give all team members 5 hours a week to learn new skills or master old ones. We even have certification bonuses for those who receive industry-related certifications.

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Make Work Fun

We work hard and we always make sure we have fun at the same time. We have an exciting and energetic team dynamic, so our daily meetings are always filled with cheer and laughter. We like to celebrate special occasions like Carnaval, Festa Junina, Pride Month, and Halloween by decorating our office, participating in team building activities, having friendly competitions, and sending gifts to our team members. We also go out to a local restaurant for a free lunch together at the end of every month. Our team is always looking for more ways to make work enjoyable and productive at the same time.

How We’re Working During COVID-19

A lot has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our amazing company culture. Our team still finds time to chat and interact with each other virtually, we send out gifts to everyone for special occasions, and our productivity hasn’t slipped at all! Currently, we are working remotely as our number one priority is always the health and safety of our team members.

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Inside The Offices of KnowBe4 São Paulo

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Where We Are Located

KnowBe4 São Paulo

Platinum Tower
Avenida Ibirapuera, 2315, Indianópolis
São Paulo, São Paulo 04029-200

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