Environmental Responsibility

KnowBe4 takes environmental responsibility seriously and is committed to sustainability for the good of our customers, the good of our staff, and the good of the planet. While KnowBe4 has a lower than average carbon footprint due to the nature of our business, we recognize that our operations do have an impact on the environment, and know that we can lower our footprint even further.

“Climate change and the health of our environment impact every living thing on this planet. At KnowBe4 we embrace extreme ownership, and this includes extreme ownership of our environment. From the very top to the bottom of our Organizational Chart, we are engaged in doing the right things to help protect our planet. We don’t just do the big things, like committing to net zero carbon by 2040. We do the little things too, like neighborhood clean-ups and composting our breakroom coffee grinds. Environmental responsibility is not just our company stance, it is our culture; it is who we are.”

- Lael, Director of Global Sustainability

Our Commitments

  1. To achieve net zero carbon emissions across our business by 2040 — 10 years ahead of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
  2. To increase our use of clean, renewable energy to an average of at least 25% for our offices globally by 2025.
  3. To reach an overall annual average waste diversion rate of 80% from landfill for our U.S. Corporate Headquarters.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

In addition to our corporate efforts, KnowBe4’s employees have taken up grassroots initiatives led by KnowBe4’s Director of Global Sustainability, Lael, and KnowBe4’s environmental employee group, EarthBe4.

  • Leadership

    On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, we rolled out the Knowster Climate Pledge. Within the first three weeks, a third of our staff across 11 nations had taken the personal pledge.

  • Action

    Many of our employees regularly take part in cleanup events around our corporate offices, as well as at nearby beaches, parks, and neighborhoods.

  • Transparency

    Senior leaders communicate regularly with staff regarding sustainability issues, and provide weekly helpful tips to live more sustainably.

  • Education

    We are incorporating sustainability training into our onboarding process, and will be offering additional training to staff.

  • Accessibility

    In addition to our standard recycling program through our solid waste provider, we also recycle the following additional items on behalf of our staff: e-waste (electronics), plastic bags, reusable shopping bags, Inkjet and LaserJet cartridges.

Training Our Employees

The Earthsters In Action

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Everyone Can Make A Difference

Our team members are dedicated to making sustainable changes in their everyday lives.
We asked them how they are caring for our world, and here is what they said:

I don't use any kind of air conditioning or heating system. I don't have a car, I walk and ride my bike. I recycle the plastic and paper products I can, and I reuse stuff all the time! I've planted 1 tree this year and intend to start composting as soon as I move to a new house by the end of the year.
I reduce the amount of meat and dairy products I eat and buy organic fruits and vegetables. I always look for sustainable cleaning supplies and avoid low-quality or wasteful clothing groups. I only use a car when absolutely necessary, and I even rent a living Christmas tree instead of cutting one from the forest.
I started a Food Forest in my front yard. I started hot composting, worm composting and bakashi composting. I am also raising my own eggs and using rainwater to water my gardens.
Brad Photo
I bring my own reusable coffee mugs for takeaway coffee and drinks.
I am not buying any makeup or skin care products unless necessary or sustainable, and I pledge to make more of my own products, and lead a more plant-based life.
Sara, Netherlands
I am vegan, and I participate in various reforestation programmes, beach clean-ups and volunteer initiatives.
I help clean my local beaches and spread awareness about plastics which are dangerous to marine life.
Sujatha Photo
I drive a hybrid car and plan on switching to a full electric as soon as I can. I eat a (mostly) vegetarian diet, which drastically reduces the amount of red meat I consume. I always try to prioritize buying sustainably grown produce and I shop at my local “zero waste store” - ditching the plastic and packaging.
I always carry my own reusable chopsticks.
Hiroshi photo
We are doing a number of things to try and do our bit, while setting an example for our daughter. We eat a reduced meat diet, with meat consumption limited to once a week. We are rewilding a section of our garden and planting bird and bee friendly plants. We also compost and collect rainwater in a waterbutt, to reduce water usage while watering our plants in the summer. We use reusable nappies and wipes for our daughter. We switched to bamboo toothbrushes, and we use bars of soap and shampoo in the shower.
We are fortunate to live on the beach, so we regularly clean it, as well as the nature park on the other side of the road, while on walks. We barely use lights, and we always recycle, compost, and turn items off at the switch when not needed. We plant our own fresh vegetables and do what we can to ensure this planet remains healthy.

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