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Knowsters Celebrate Halloween Sustainably

By: Lael - Director of Global Sustainability

Published: 3 Nov 2022
Last Updated: 12 Jun 2023

Halloween is one of the biggest holiday celebrations around KnowBe4, so of course, our sustainably focused team always looks for creative ways to make Halloween, halloGreen.

Halloween 2023 Halloween in Singapore
ryan 2 80s Halloween-2 Halloween Csuite-1


Reuse Costumes

Knowsters around the world celebrated Halloween with their teams, and we even had Knowsters come to visit the US headquarters from as far away as the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and the UK. Our international visitors were able to get into the spirit by accessing our Shenanigans team's costume closet. When the day was over, all the borrowed costumes went back to the closet to be cleaned and used again in the future!


Marije, visiting from the Netherlands, was fully adorned in her 80s costume, in solidarity with our People Operations division, thanks to the Shenanigans costume closet.


Javvad from our UK office, and Marina from our Germany office got to be royalty for the day with some props from the Shenanigans costume closet.


Repurpose & Recycle Materials

Here at KnowBe4, we continuously look for innovative ways to reduce waste; so, in addition to reusing costumes, Knowsters found several other creative ways to make Halloween more sustainable.

Take for instance, our Property Operations team, whose theme was "biohazards Lab" (which won the title of “Bloodiest” in our local Halloween Contest). The majority of the setup was created using repurposed items and materials from prior construction projects that they had in storage. The wires hanging from the ceiling were upcycled from a previous renovation project in the building; they were put back into storage after the set was deconstructed and are still put to use when necessary. Most of the other items were made of repurposed materials like cardboard and plastic bags that were then recycled afterward. That's right, as a part of our robust zero waste program, we even we recycle plastic bags at KnowBe4.


Our Management Information Systems division assembled an amazing Mad Max set that won “Best Overall” in the contest. Most of the set was constructed from repurposed cardboard which was then recycled, and e-waste which was raided from our recycle closet and then quickly returned to be properly recycled!


Then there was our Product Services team, which put together an interactive Haunted Theater experience, which tied for Best Experience. They found 15 boxes by the dumpster, waiting to be recycled. The boxes were five and a half feet long - large enough to create the scenery for their interactive tour. They were easily deconstructed and recycled afterward and set aside again for recycling.


Our Information Security team, dressed as "Children of Chrome,” also had an interactive theme. Knowsters who toured their area were led through various stations, including one where they were invited to smash computers to act as a "sacrifice" to the Chrome OS. The computers that were smashed were actually broken or unused electronics from our recycle closet. By the end of that same day, the team had already dutifully carted the broken electronics back to the closet to be recycled responsibly.


It's well known that Knowsters make work fun, but Knowsters also know how to make fun sustainable!

Join a team that cares!


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