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Learning to Live a Low-Plastic Lifestyle

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 22 Sep 2023
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2023

Last month, Knowsters from all over the globe learned how to “Master the Low-Plastic Lifestyle” through a workshop put on by Carbonauts. In it, we learned the history of plastic and the recent rise of single-use plastics. The speaker, Marcello, noted that plastics have a place in modern life and that they are not inherently evil – the way we use them is the problem. On the flip side, we learned about microplastics and the detrimental effect plastics have on our health and the environment.


Carbonauts group pic 2023Key Takeaways

Knowsters walked away with insight into how plastic affects our environment, human health, and society, some best practices for reducing plastic waste, and strategies for shopping efficiently, economically, and sustainably. Participants also learned about recycling myths, how to level up their recycling skills, and honest, accurate information presented by environmental experts in a judgment-free setting. With this newfound knowledge, Knowsters are ready to take action in their communities. They're excited to spread the word and be champions for a greener, more plastic-conscious future.


naja-bertolt-jensen-BJUoZu0mpt0-unsplash (3)Feedback from Knowsters

We asked our Knowsters what they thought about our meeting with Marcello. Here's what they are saying:

  • "Fantastic - no guilt, very pragmatic suggestions, Marcello has great energy; thumbs up all the way!"
  • "It was great! Informative, interactive, and tangible."
  • "This was really informative and helpful! I felt empowered to make changes in my sustainability."
  • "Loved that Marcello wasn't gearing us to a no-plastic lifestyle because, as he mentioned, it’s very hard to get there, but a low-plastic lifestyle is much easier and a more attainable goal to strive for."
  • "Really informative, engaging, clear and concise; I really enjoyed it."


  • "Exceptional; super interactive and great information! Would love to have this information shared with everyone. Marcello was a pleasant speaker and nice coverage of all aspects of recycling, from the origin of plastic to the recycling plant and their challenges."
  • "This was great! The presentation was easy to follow, and I’m really excited to get new info on what options are out there."
  • "The topics were very interesting as well as providing great resources to look into. I noted down a few as well, and I am going to do my own Google search to find out more. It definitely got me thinking about what I can do!"

According to the Green Business Bureau, “Employee engagement and training is a must.” At KnowBe4, we wholeheartedly agree. We are so proud of our Knowsters who participated in this educational event and can't wait to see them make strides towards a greener lifestyle!

Do you want to work for an organization that values the planet?


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