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2023 Sustainability Wrap-Up

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 24 Jan 2024
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2024

At KnowBe4 we recognize there is only one planet Earth, and we all share the responsibility of caring for it. We strive to be green in everything we do and keep sustainability at the heart of our policies, procedures, and most of all, culture. As we launch into this new year, I wanted to take a moment to look back at some of KnowBe4’s sustainability highlights in 2023.

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Global Highlights

- KnowBe4 planted 142 trees in 2023 through direct employee efforts and in partnership with Arbor Day Foundation.

- One hundred and seven employees from six countries tuned in to our watch party for Future Forward, a documentary series by The Climate Pledge. Future Forward is a character-driven, six-part series featuring people and businesses pioneering industry innovation on the front lines of climate change. Each film profiles visionaries fighting for their dream of a better world, the complex hurdles to igniting corporate change on a global scale, and a contagious hope—and inspiration—for the future. 

- For the month of July, our offices in the US, Brazil, Dubai, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Germany participated in KnowBe4’s “Drop & Swap”, where we invited employees to bring in their gently loved treasures to swap with fellow employees during the entire month. Anything left over at the end of the month was donated to local charities.

DSC00899- For our 13th anniversary, we celebrated by donating to protect 13 endangered species through Endangered Species International and Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge. We also readopted our 12 beehives through the Pinellas Beekeepers Association (PBA), and added a 13th hive for our 13th anniversary! 

- We reduced our carbon footprint and increased our use of clean energy for the second year in a row. 

- And finally, KnowBe4 was the Sustany Foundation's Sustainable Business Award winner in the extra large category. The Sustainable Business Awards celebrate environmentalism in the Tampa Bay area, and recognize businesses and organizations that embrace the triple bottom line and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

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Highlights By Country

United States

At our company headquarters in Florida, we removed over 34,000 pounds of garbage from the waste stream through repurposing and donations alone. We sponsored the Ocean Allies Big Cleanup Clearwater for the third year in a row (In partnership with Keep Pinellas Beautiful, the City of Clearwater, Amplify Clearwater and Visit St. Pete/Clearwater), the Hope Spot Festival cleanup, Salty Soul Foundation’s Tampa Tech Beach Cleanup, and we participated in the 2023 Great American Cleanup and Pinellas County’s Living Shoreline Program. We established a carpool channel on our intranet for local employees, which helps single-car families, saves employees money, and reduces emissions. We also hosted the Pinellas Beekeepers Association (PBA) for a honey bee lunch and learn, with about 50 employees in attendance.

lunch & learn collage



In Australia, our kitchen is completely stocked with all reusable utensils, cutlery, glasses etc, and our food scraps are composted. Several employees took part in Clean Up Australia Day in March. Clean Up Australia inspires and mobilizes communities to improve and conserve the environment, eliminate litter, and end waste. 



In Brazil, the offices use recycled plastic bags and biodegradable detergent. We also reuse boxes for shipping, we have a robust recycling program in the office, and we use reusable utensils and dishes, rather than disposable. For Earth Day 2023, our employees planted 10 trees in São Paulo.

Brazil tree planting (1)


In Germany, our office is 100% renewable and solar energy powered. We can recycle nearly everything in Germany; we have also provided our employees with reusable glass bottles, and have a water system that provides hot, sparkling, or filtered water. And for Earth Day, 18 employees from our Germany office came together and cleaned up 35 pounds of garbage.



Our Japan office is located in a Green Building, where environmental measures were taken at each stage from planning to maintenance and management, including further refinement of proven energy methods and technologies successfully implemented in existing buildings and extensive recycling of waste materials from demolished buildings. Additionally, the building utilizes recaptured rainwater, A/C condensation water, and greywater, and uses a solar power generation system and high-performance transformers.


The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we moved to our new office building in the center of Utrecht, close to all means of public transport which runs on sustainable energy. The office exceeds sustainability requirements for energy, transport, water, and renewable materials. In addition, the office includes e-waste and printer cartridges among items they recycle in the office. Our Netherlands employees participated in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup cleanup in 2023 as well. Eneco joins forces every year for an international beach clean-up from De Panne in Belgium to the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands, where thousands of volunteers clean up the coastline. 



In India we moved into our new office in 2023, which uses energy efficient lighting to save energy and has a robust recycling program. Our break room is completely stocked with reusable utensils, cutlery, glasses etc (nothing disposable), and our food scraps are composted. Over 55% of our employees participated in our Earth Day clean up in 2023.



Our Singapore office building is part of a mixed development which has terraced rain gardens, green roofs, sky gardens, and vertical greenery.  We also have an organic waste digester on site which diverts food waste from landfill and incineration. Our employees organized two beach cleanups in 2023, where a total of 18 employees participated, and collected a total of 103 pounds of garbage.



In December, our small but mighty team in Dubai united for an eco-friendly mission, scouring the city to collect 30 pounds of trash. This impactful cleanup highlighted our commitment to environmental responsibility and the big difference we can make, even with modest numbers. Our team showcased that every action counts towards a cleaner, greener future.


South Africa

Our South Africa office donated desks, chairs, cupboards, printers and other office equipment to the LEAP Living Learning Labs based in Cape Town. They provide students with unique opportunities to explore sustainability, environmental justice, and social change. With the equipment we donated, they were able to set up three computer hubs in Langa, Crossroads and Athlone in Cape Town.    


United Kingdom

Our UK & I office recycles pretty much everything. Our kitchen is now set up with 100% reusable crockery/flatware/glasses etc (nothing disposable), and we have lovely living plants in our break room. By moving to the city center in 2023, more of our employees are leaving their cars at home and using public transportation, thereby reducing commuter emissions.


Employee Highlights

IMG_5363 - Andy Joyner- To date, approximately 97% of our employees have made a commitment to our Knowster Climate Pledge! Our pledge encourages employees to live a more sustainable lifestyle through various commitments they can make.

- Andy Joyner was crowned our Volunteer of the Year for 2023, by volunteering with KnowBe4 on 23 separate occasions - woohoo, go Andy!!

2023 wrap-up cleanup stats- In 2023, 311 employees participated in 99 cleanups across nine countries, and collected over 2,479 pounds of trash.

- Our employee environmental group, EarthBe4, comprises over 50 employees, and has members in seven countries. This group has spearheaded many community initiatives, including several organized cleanups and employee contests, and adopting the downtown district around our corporate headquarters.

Adopt-a-Street photo 2023

I look ahead to 2024 with optimism, and anticipate even more environmental improvements on the horizon. And I can’t wait to see what ‘green’ things our employees accomplish this year! Wishing everyone a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous new year.


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