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Celebrating 13 Years of KnowBe4!

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 16 Aug 2023
Last Updated: 4 Oct 2023

KnowBe4 is thrilled to mark 13 fantastic years in business, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate this milestone. What a ride it's been! From our humble beginnings to the remarkable journey we've undertaken, these 13 years have been filled with growth, innovation, and unforgettable experiences. This year marked a significant milestone for KnowBe4 as we joined forces with Vista Equity Partners. As we reflect on this past year, we're grateful for the partnerships, challenges, and triumphs that have brought us to where we are today. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane and see what year 13 was all about.


KB4ConWhat's New

This year marked a significant milestone for KnowBe4 as we joined forces with Vista Equity Partners. This strategic acquisition represents an exciting chapter in our journey, enabling us to leverage Vista's expertise and resources to further enhance our cybersecurity offerings and global impact. With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, this partnership empowers us to continue pioneering solutions that fortify digital security and equip organizations with the tools they need to navigate the evolving threat landscape. This exciting development propels us forward on our mission to create a more secure world for everyone.


Best Place to Work Award CeremonyAwards We've Won

This year has been a true testament to KnowBe4's exceptional dedication and commitment to our Knowsters around the globe. From becoming certified as a Great Place to Work in 10 countries to earning the distinction of Best Workplaces for Women and Best Workplaces in Technology, our team's unwavering efforts have garnered recognition on multiple fronts. To top it off, being ranked as the Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay as well as the #1 Top Workplace in the USA truly reflects the outstanding work culture we've nurtured and the collaborative and inclusive environment we've fostered. We're so proud of our Knowsters for all of these achievements.


EarthBe4 Planting TreesHow We Are Giving Back

Every year, we celebrate KnowBe4’s anniversary by giving back to the environment in various ways. In the past, we planted 10,000 trees for our 10th anniversary, adopted 11 beehives for our 11th anniversary, and removed 12,000 pounds of garbage from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for our 12th anniversary. To mark our 13th anniversary, KnowBe4 is excited to announce a special initiative to raise awareness and highlight our responsibility for our natural environment: we've sponsored 13 endangered species worldwide in each location where we have an office. These endangered species include the Florida panther in the United States, the African penguin in South Africa, the Arabian leopard in Dubai, the lion-tailed macaque in India, and the Ishikawa's frog in Japan. Just as we protect digital realms, we're passionate about safeguarding our planet's biodiversity. #GirlsClub Scholarship WinnerAs we celebrate our journey in cybersecurity, let's also contribute to a sustainable future for Earth and its inhabitants.

Continuing our tradition of giving back, KnowBe4 is proud to share that our scholarship programs have remained steadfast this year as part of our ongoing philanthropic endeavors. As highlighted on our scholarships page, we believe in supporting the educational aspirations of talented individuals. Through these programs, we've provided financial assistance to students pursuing degrees in cybersecurity-related fields, nurturing the next generation of experts who will contribute to a safer digital landscape. This commitment reflects our dedication not only to cybersecurity excellence but also to fostering knowledge and growth within our community.


Celebrating our 13th AnniversaryHow We Are Celebrating Around the Globe

KnowBe4's 13th anniversary is in full swing, with offices worldwide celebrating in style. Sweet treats, team-building activities, and office parties are all on the agenda. Team-building events strengthen our bonds, fostering collaboration. And, of course, our office parties bring everyone together to honor this special milestone. This global celebration highlights our tight-knit community and shared excitement for the years ahead.

As we look back at 13 incredible years, we're grateful for our journey so far. Year 14 holds even more excitement as we build on our achievements and continue making strides in cybersecurity. With our recent acquisition and our dedicated team, we're ready to take on new challenges and opportunities. Here's to another year of progress and success!

Join our team and be a part of KnowBe4's journey!


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Celebrating 13 Years of KnowBe4!

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