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Women in Cybersecurity (U.S.)

KnowBe4 is dedicated to helping increase the percentage of women in our organization and in the entire cybersecurity industry. As part of our efforts, we offer a yearly $10,000 scholarship and (ISC)2 certification package, which is open to any woman who is currently pursuing a degree in cybersecurity. 

Applications open November 14, 2022


Black Americans in Cybersecurity (U.S.)

In our efforts to increase diversity in the cybersecurity field, we offer a yearly $10,000 scholarship and (ISC)2 certification package, which is open to any American of Black heritage who is currently pursuing a degree in cybersecurity.

Applications open February 1, 2023


Military, Veterans and Spouses in Cybersecurity (U.S.)

As part of our ongoing commitment to veterans and their families, we host a yearly $10,000 scholarship and (ISC)2 certification package, which is open to any United States veterans, Guard, Reserve, or their spouses who are currently pursuing a degree in cybersecurity.

Applications open June 12, 2023

Women of Colour in Cybersecurity Mobile Blob

Women of Colour in Cybersecurity (South Africa)

As KnowBe4 continues to expand around the globe, we aim to make a positive impact in all of the communities we have offices in. We are proud to offer a yearly 110,000 ZAR scholarship and (ISC)2 certification package for women of colour in South Africa.

Applications open June 1, 2023


#GirlsClub Scholarship (U.S.)

We partner with #GirlsClub to sponsor two women a year to join #GirlsClub’s certification and networking program. This sales-focused program includes six months of leadership training, networking opportunities with other women in sales, and a certification upon completion of the program. 

Applications open late 2022


As the recipient of this KnowBe4 scholarship, I am honored and grateful to be selected. Receiving this scholarship allows me to continue my cybersecurity studies without the worry or stress of paying out of pocket for college expenses. I can now focus on my studies and this scholarship gets me one step closer to fulfilling my career and professional aspirations!
Testimonial - Kaleb
Being awarded this scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to continue pursuing my education in the field of cybersecurity. It has helped my situation greatly and inspired me to pursue a master's degree in the near future.
Testimonial - Rachel
Thank you so much to KnowBe4 and the selection committee for taking the time to consider my application for the Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship and for awarding me the scholarship prize. I am incredibly honored to be provided such an amazing opportunity that not only supports my future four years in college, but also provides me the tools and certifications necessary to further my educational/career goals in cybersecurity and computer science. My future goals include becoming a computer research scientist by pursuing a master’s and/or Ph.D. with a focus on bettering cybersecurity and computer science educational platforms.
Scholarships - Mally
This scholarship will help give me the opportunity to continue my education in a field that I'm so very passionate about without the burden of financial stress and crippling student loan debt. I will be able to be the best mother I can be and continue to save money for my son's education while simultaneously still being able to pursue my own dreams in cybersecurity.

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