STU-perhero Makes An Appearance For Highest Month, Quarter And Year!

KnowBe4 HR

As KnowBe4 continues to hit record setting months, we sure didn’t slow down for December 2017! Not only did we hit our $8 Million record setting goal, we surpassed it and went straight for $9 Million! Talk about a great way to end the year with our HIGHEST EVER month!

Here is Stu representing the company on the last day of the month in his purple superhero getup, cape and all!

STUperhero Resized.jpg

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s STU-perhero!!
PurpleKicks Resized.jpg


We wear purple to represent prosperity and as you can see, there is no shortage of it here!

HighestEverSpeech Resized.jpg

It was an unforgettable celebration to say the least! We look forward to breaking new records and continuing the heart and spirit that is KnowBe4!

As a reward for all the hard work invested into making this incredible success happen, Stu (CEO) gave each employee a very generous bonus along with a well deserved half day off! Way to go team!!!

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