Season 2 Of Soccer Is Complete!

KnowBe4 HR

Our team made it to the championship game and unfortunately fell short. Now that season 2 is over, Captain Vic is actively looking for more players for season 3. Next season will take place sometime in the fall and we are eager to win it all!

Soccer Group Photo (serious).jpg

Before any big game, it's always important to take a few moments to stretch. We have one athlete below showing us the proper technique, thanks Joe! ;)

Joe Stretching-1.jpg

Next, we have Victoria kicking the ball into motion to get the game going!

Victoria Kick Start.jpg

There was no slowing down in this game, all eyes on the ball as Nick kicks in another goal!


As you can see below, soccer is so much more than a sport, it can also be a little ballerina dance with your feet!

Ryan Face Off.jpg

Life is like soccer, we need GOALS! KnowBe4's goalie is the best around and always has our back on the field!

Drew & Kat.jpg

The game is only as serious as you make!

Soccer Group Photo (Funny).jpg


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