Reflecting On 2017 Holiday Gift Exchange 

KnowBe4 HR

It’s that time of year, we spread the cheer! KnowBe4 hosts our annual white elephant gift exchange! The name of the game is this: Each participant brings a wrapped unmarked gift. Guests are given numbers as they arrive and they select gifts in that order...but with a twist! After the designated #1 chooses their gift, on the second turn #2 has the option to grab a wrapped gift or take the gift from #1 in which case #1 would then grab another wrapped gift from the pile. If your gift is taken, you have the option to take from another or grab a new gift from the pile. Fun right?!

Check out some of the many captured moments from one of our favorite annual events!

Sean Dressed Up Resized.jpg

It wouldn’t be a party without Sean in a costume! We love your enthusiasm!

Matt loses his gift Resized.jpg

The moment when someone steals your gift...sorry about your luck Matt! Hope you still ended with a good gift ;)

bearded ladies Resized.jpg

These lovely ladies are rockin the beards and we can’t get enough of it!

Sue's gift Resized.jpg

What’s better than the gift of chocolate?! Am I right ladies??

gag gift Resized.jpg

Who doesn’t love a good gag gift?! LOL

Group Sweaters Resized.jpg

As our team grows bigger, as does the fun!

Gifts were given or stolen ;) laughs were shared and friendships were made. Thank you to everyone who participated and for continuing to make KnowBe4 the greatest place to work! And that’s a wrap! …. pun intended

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