MythBusters - KnowBe4 Style

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Silly putty has aspects of both an elastic object and a plastic object. On this week's episode of MythBusters - KnowBe4 style, we put those aspects to the test!

If a large quantity of silly putty is dropped from 6 stories, will it shatter or will it bounce? THAT is the question!

Sunbelt had their 1st attempt with a 50lb ball of putty dropped onto the concrete. The results were shattering...literally!

On our 2nd attempt, KnowBe4 decided to make the silly putty 100lbs and drop it onto a donated car instead of concrete. Let’s see the results…..

Smashed Window Resized.jpg

Turns out the results are still shattering, only this time it’s the windshield and not the putty!

Making the putty Resized.jpg

KnowBe4’s Chief Success Officer, Greg Kras molds the perfect form for success.

Full shot Resized.jpg

Campers watch and video below as the 100lb ball of putty crashes it’s way through the glass and into the passenger seat.

So the myth of “ Will the putty bounce?”  has been BUSTED!

Click below to see the full video:

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