Movie Night With Stu!

KnowBe4 HR

This month Stu took us all out to dinner and a movie as a treat to celebrate exceeding our sales goals. What better way to celebrate May the 4th (Star Wars Day) than with a little Star Lord?

Trio Edit.jpeg

Tijuana Flats hosted an in theater dining experience that rocked our worlds as we comfortably took over two theaters.

2nd Lady Trio.jpeg

It was a blast hanging out with our KnowBe4 crew after hours and we made some pretty awesome nachos.

Group Edit.jpeg

As the lights dimmed and the movie trailers began we all settled in for the ride. The new Star Wars trailer began with an excited gasp from the crowds and as it ended Stu announced from the back of the theater “We WILL be seeing that!”, looks like we will follow in the tradition of a holiday company Star Wars movie outing once again! Hope to see you there!

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