Movie Night Outing!

It is a KnowBe4 tradition to have a company outing for any new Star Wars movie premier. This year we decided to spice things up by adding Deadpool to the mix! Employees were given the choice between seeing Solo or Deadpool 2. We rented out a portion of the local Cobb theater and all employees were provided with free beverages and popcorn!

We even surprised the company with Cosplay actors from the films!

Group DP&SW Resized

SW 2 Resized

The actors challenged the audience with a game of trivia related to the movie. Winners of the game were tossed prizes like blow up unicorns and death star toys!

SW 1 Resized

DP3 Resized

DP 1 resized

Deadpool gets down on one knee to pronounce his love for her trivia knowledge!

DP 2 Resized

Special thanks to the theater for hosting and feeding us and to the actors for entertaining us, we had a fabulous time and look forward to the next!

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