Kevin Mitnick's KB4 Office Visit!

It's no big secret that Kevin Mitnick is KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer. Kevin was once the world's most wanted hacker in the 90's and today he is known as the world's most famous hacker.


In his most recent visit to our Clearwater office, Kevin did an "Ask Me Anything" session open to all employees! At KnowBe4, both Stu and Kevin like to host "Ask Me Anything" sessions, where they open the floor up to the Knowsters and answer any and every question that is asked.


During the "AMA" he was asked about his favorite hacking moments of his career, how he got caught, if he could have one last hack what would it be and even more!

Mitnick AMA 2016

While Kevin has had a lot of exciting experience in the Black Hat world, he said, "working with the good guys is refreshing! I am hacking to do good and protect people."


As always, the Knowsters are always eager for Kevin's next office visit! 



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