KB4's Annual Cookie Exchange!

Recently KnowBe4 had our annual cookie exchange!


This marks the third year since the Knowsters started exchanging cookies. The first year the exchange was done, there were a little over 12 people that participated. Now with our company expansion, many more Knowsters are eager to take part in the cookie exchange and show off their yummy recipes!


The rules to the exchange are as follows:

1) Only those who bring cookies may participate 

2) All cookies must be homemade 

3) Participants must bring at least 12 cookies

4) Participants can take 12 different cookies

5) The recipes must be displayed with your cookies


"It has been really fun watching the variety change and the skill level increase as people add to the mix. Also, it's fun getting new recipes and trying new cookies," said Kathy, a cookie exchange Veteran.


Every year's cookie exchange is a real sweet treat and the Knowsters really know how to bake!



Want to become a part of our annual cookie exchange? Check out our open positions!

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