Halloween March To Starbucks!

It's KnowBe4 tradition to march down Cleveland St. to Starbucks on Halloween morning for a coffee paid for by the CEO! The march to Starbucks is only the start of the Halloween festivities at KnowBe4. Employees spend several hours on not only their costumes but their cubicles, knowing the winner will walk out with cash!


We were so happy Star Trek could travel millions of light years to visit us at Starbucks!

Batman Crew W Ivy.jpg

Poor Batman couldn't find peace between the Joker and Green Ivy, hang in there Batman!


The Candyland group added some extra sweetness to our morning beverages!

Morton Salt.jpg

"When it rains, it pours!"


The hobbits and friends came from the Shire to join us for second breakfast!


A little blast from 70's past, run Forrest run!!!

Power Puff Girls Resized.jpg

Sugar, spice, and everything nice thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

Clown Posse.jpg

You can't spell slaughter without laughter!


ZZ Top kept us rockin while we waited in line for our drinks!

League of their own.jpg

Even the Major League Cleveland Indian's showed up for our march!

Stay tuned! There any more Halloween photos to come taken from the office! 

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