Continued Community Contribution

KnowBe4 HR

After teaming up with OneBlood back in July, our employees saved an estimated 66 lives through their blood donations. As KnowBe4 continues to grow, so does our eagerness to give back to the community. Our amazing employees (some repeaters, others first timers) hopped on The Big Red Bus again last week to continue their blood contributions. 

In July, we donated blood to combat the aftermath of the Orlando shootings. However, giving blood is still a great idea even when it's not during times of disaster. There are several reasons to give blood, but the #1 reason why donors give blood is because they want to help others. 

Did you know?

Three drops of blood have over a billion blood cells.

One in three of us will need a blood transfusion.

A single car accident victim can require 100 pints of blood.






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