Beach Party 2017!

On April 30th, KnowBe4 hosted a beach party at Sheraton Sand Key Resort for all employees as a way to show appreciation for another month of record setting success. It was a day well spent, full of fun filled beach activities. First on the agenda was an all American cookout. Everything from grilled chicken and cheeseburgers to fresh fruit and desserts were all catered to the beach!

Food Line Edit.jpeg

Table 1 Edit.jpeg

Table 2 Edit.jpeg

Beach activities consisted of volley ball, beach tennis, jet ski's, paddle boarding and kayaking!

Water Activities Edit.jpeg 

Volleyball Edit.jpeg

Ocean Edit.jpeg

Ladies Group Edit.jpeg

Employees were encouraged to bring their families along to participate in all the fun in the sun! 

Katy's Family Edit.jpg

Shayna's Fam Edit.jpeg

A big shout out and thank you goes to our CEO and HR team for allowing us to have this event and organizing all the festivities for an unforgettable day!


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