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Recapping KnowBe4's 2022 Global Internship Program

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 14 Sep 2022
Last Updated: 14 Sep 2022

KnowBe4’s 2022 internship program was one for the books! This year’s internship program spanned from the United States to the United Kingdom, and from the Netherlands to Germany!
This year, we offered both in-person and virtual internships for more than 65 students across the globe during the 12-week project-based program. This hybrid approach allows us to celebrate the creativity, innovation, and increased performance that comes from an inclusive and diverse workspace culture. From virtual movie days and coffee meet-ups to training and development sessions and projects, let’s take a look back at the fantastic experiences our interns had this summer.
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Virtually Onboarding our U.S. and EMEA Interns

U.S. Interns Onboarding

Interns at KnowBe4 receive the same fun and unique onboarding experience that all of our new hires receive. During onboarding, the interns start by participating in icebreakers to get comfortable with one another and the internship team. During a virtual scavenger hunt, the interns meet top leaders in the company and learn about their areas and fun facts about each of them. Interns are also given a free lunch of their choosing, delivered to their homes.

Overall, the onboarding process welcomes all new hires by getting them acclimated to KnowBe4’s company culture and ensuring they are set up for success!

EMEA Interns Onboarding

"Our onboarding team loves being an integral part of the internship program year after year. Not only do we ensure the interns' first week is unforgettable, but we also get to bring that 'red carpet' experience through all 12 weeks of the program. By the end, our interns have made forever connections with one another. We love watching their success!"
-Lyss, Director of Global Onboarding, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.


Professional Development Workshops

Meeting With KnowBe4 CHRO

After the onboarding and training process, interns join their teams and start working directly with their managers, who provide guidance to the interns. All interns participate in three professional development workshops to bridge the gap between their education and professional experience.

The first workshop helps each intern identify the traits they value in a future workplace. The second workshop teaches the interns essential skills for perfecting their LinkedIn profiles and resumes and how to brand themselves to employers. Brandon, KnowBe4's Career Development Specialist, conducts a third workshop to help the interns plan for their future.

"The 2022 intern group at KnowBe4 is a dynamic cohort of emerging professionals. I had the honor of working with individuals on their resumes, and their backgrounds were absolutely impressive. We also hosted a presentation called, ‘Being Intentional With Your Internship’ on how to create value out of their experience. I have no doubt that these interns will go far in their future endeavors! It’s been super exciting to watch many of our interns accept full-time offers."
-Brandon, Career Development Specialist, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.


Ask Me Anything Sessions

Interns With Stu

Our interns also participate in “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions with KnowBe4's senior leaders. The first session is with KnowBe4’s CEO, Stu Sjouwerman. During the rest of the AMA sessions, the interns meet with KnowBe4’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Officer/Chief Cloud Officer, Chief Financial Officer, SVP Global Talent, and SVP People Operations International. Several interns also met KnowBe4's Chief Human Resource Officer, Ani, in person. During the AMA sessions, the interns can ask these senior leaders anything they want, including questions about success, leadership, career advice, how to get a permanent position at KnowBe4, or personal questions. The senior leaders are transparent with the interns and provide them with crucial life lessons and funny stories. 

The immersion session with our senior cybersecurity leaders introduces the interns to the world of information security and immerses them in our industry. This helps prepare them for success with any cybersecurity company and gives our interns an inside look at what makes KnowBe4 the leading company in this space!

"The AMAs were a great opportunity to learn more about KnowBe4’s executives, on both a professional and personal level. From asking, 'what is your favorite movie?' to 'do you have any advice for college students?', I love that KnowBe4 gives interns direct access to top leadership."
-Sanam, Sales Intern, Utrecht, Netherlands


Internship Projects

One of the most important parts of our internship program is the projects that all interns work on throughout their time at KnowBe4! Instead of filling papers and getting coffee, our interns work on a meaningful project for their specific department.

For example, our courseware interns learned how KnowBe4 builds courses using HTML, CSS, and Pug.js and worked with all of KnowBe4's content publishers to update storyline courses to our proprietary course builder. Our customer success interns worked with our internal sales platform all summer to help identify upcoming renewal opportunities. This brought in direct sales for their team. It’s clear that the work these interns have done provides measurable value to KnowBe4 and is visible to our customers worldwide!


Team Building Activities

U.S. Interns On Boat

This year, our award-winning internship team organized multiple virtual and in-person team-building events for our interns across the globe! One of our most exciting internship events for our U.S. interns was the boating social. This event was held near our global headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The interns and the internship team spent an afternoon cruising on a boat with a delicious lunch buffet and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. Our internship team did a fantastic job putting together this amazing event!

"The internship boating day was a lot of fun! I loved being able to see so many of our U.S. interns in-person all while we enjoyed lunch and a cruise on the water." 
-Ryne, Talent Outreach Specialist, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

Berlin Interns Limo Ride

Our Knowster interns in Berlin spent time exploring the city by taking a limousine ride! They had a blast seeing so many historic landmarks, eating delicious food, and bonding together. 

"I enjoyed the team-building event because it allowed me to get to know the whole team on a more personal level! The limo ride was amazing as I could see and learn so much about Berlin and its history in such a short time frame."
-Deborah, Sales Intern, Berlin, Germany

Utrecht Interns Boating

Our Knowster interns in Utrecht, Netherlands explored the city by boating the Utrecht Canal! Over in York, United Kingdom, our interns enjoyed lunch while cruising River Ouse.
York, U.K. Interns Boating
"It was amazing to get to know my fellow Knowster interns since we work remotely. Getting to experience these team-building events allows us to learn more about the city and our colleagues. It's great to see such unique team-building events!"
-Henrik, SMB Sales Intern, York, U.K.

Virtual Escape Room

We hosted multiple virtual events for our U.S. and EMEA interns to attend together! Interns participated in “The Escape Game”, where they worked to solve puzzles on their screens by brainstorming ideas together. Interns also traveled on a "Virtual Trip Around the World," where they visited Barcelona, Spain, and Tokyo, Japan! They also watched a virtual comedian together.

EMEA Shirt Mockup US Shirt Mockup


Our interns also worked together to create the design for their internship t-shirts! This is a fun project that incorporates silly inside jokes that are significant to both our EMEA interns and U.S. interns.

EMEA Intern in Intern Shirt

The EMEA interns wanted their shirts to represent the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This is why our CEO, Stu, is riding a bike in honor of the Netherlands, wearing a lederhosen in honor of Germany, and driving past famous landmarks from the United Kingdom, such as the London Eye!
Erin With T-shirt
On the other side of the Atlantic, our U.S. interns designed their shirts in a brainstorming session right after the latest "Stranger Things" season debuted. The group's design was influenced by the show, but they made it extra special by personalizing it. For instance, our U.S. interns featured our CEO, Stu, looking toward a glowing elevator that says, "Knowster Things." They also included 43 lights to represent 43 interns! 

EMEA Interns Watching Movies Together

Additionally, interns participated in a virtual watch party where they received snacks delivered to their houses and watched a movie together.

Interns Ordering Lunch Intern With Coffee

Another team-building event was the Intern/Manager Social, where the interns and their managers got to spend time virtually getting to know each other better.

Chris With Intern Erin

"I went through KnowBe4's first internship program years ago as an intern and this year I had the pleasure of managing our Recruitment Marketing intern, Erin. The program has changed a lot, but all for the better! The new hybrid internship model allowed Erin to have the flexibility to take classes over the summer while still giving us the ability to meet in the office occasionally for coordination, training, and fun events with our whole team. All the essential parts of the internship were done virtually so everyone could participate; no matter where they were located. Plus, there were plenty of optional team-building events that took place in person and gave all the local interns a chance to bond. Having this hybrid approach gave me and Erin the best of both worlds!"
-Chris, Talent Brand Marketing Manager, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.


Swag and Gifts

U.S. Interns With Swag

Swag and gifts are a fun part of KnowBe4’s internship program. After graduating from their first week of training, interns received two classic KnowBe4 shirts, a custom mouse pad, a KnowBe4 tumbler, a stainless steel cup, a pop socket, a KnowBe4 pen, and an umbrella.

Throughout the program, the interns received several gift packages from KnowBe4, such as movie-themed treats for a virtual watch party and sweet treats from “The Stuffed Cookie." Upon graduation, the interns received even more swag from KnowBe4’s internship team! Their final gifts included a KnowBe4 North Face backpack, a collapsible picnic basket cooler, a glass reusable water bottle, a portable power bank, wireless headphones, a KnowBe4 smart umbrella, and a KnowBe4 sweatshirt. It also included KnowBe4 internship branded blankets, t-shirts, and pins.


Internship Graduation 

Internship Graduation

For all of the local interns and their managers, an optional graduation party took place with delicious food, sweet treats, and music. They had a blast connecting in-person one last time. 

U.S. Internship Graduation U.S. Internship Graduation
The culminating event of the internship is the virtual internship graduation ceremony. During this event, each intern briefly presents a vital project they accomplished during their internship and what they learned at KnowBe4.
Internship Graduation in the U.K. Internship Graduation in the U.K.
Internship Graduation in the U.K. Internship Graduation in the U.K.

The presentations give the interns a chance to demonstrate the value they added to KnowBe4 in front of their peers and senior leaders. Our interns provided incredible value and made a lasting impact on our teams and organization as a whole.

Berlin Interns


Intern Perspectives

Check out what some of our interns had to say about spending their summer with us!

Profile photo of Isaiah Nazaire, MIS

"I have been a part of several summer internships and can confidently say that my experience at KnowBe4 was second to none. I learned technical skills, gained clarity on what I want out of my career, and had tons of fun along the way! Everyone I worked with was awesome and the fun, upbeat work environment made each day a blast. I hope that I get the opportunity to cross paths with this company again!”
-Isaiah, Tech Support Intern, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

image (13)-1

"From the very start of my internship, I have felt like a valuable addition to KnowBe4 and to my team! I truly enjoy the work culture here. There is an opportunity for personal and professional growth, while also maintaining an excellent work-life balance."
-Emmanuela, International Accounting Intern, Utrecht, Netherlands

Profile photo for arapp

"The things I learned during my internship at KnowBe4 are so valuable, and I am so happy I was able to experience such an amazing program!"
-Aaron, SMB Sales Intern, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

Profile photo for kierani

"The thing I love the most about the internship program at KnowBe4 is feeling like a true part of the team and seeing how my role as a sales intern contributes to the company achieving its goals. I am included in all of the meetings and team-building exercises, which makes me feel valued as an intern. Any question that I have, whether big or small, is always answered!"
-Kieran, SMB Sales Intern, York, United Kingdom

Profile photo for lejlah

"My experience as a summer intern at KnowBe4 was great! I felt like I was of real value to my team, while still participating in all of the fun intern activities such as weekly coffee corners, a movie day, and even designing our own intern t-shirt. All of these activities, as well as being gifted various goodies throughout the internship, made the experience unlike one I’ve ever had before!"
-Lejla, Accounts Payable Intern, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

Whether the interns continue to work at KnowBe4 full-time, return to school, or move on to pursue other opportunities, we strive to make our internship program an experience that will positively impact every intern and help them find success in their careers!

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