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KnowBe4's Renowned Onboarding Experience!

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 8 Feb 2023
Last Updated: 10 Feb 2023

At KnowBe4, our onboarding team is responsible for creating a smooth, informative, and fun transition into the new job! Plus, we have a dedicated Employee Success Specialist who is part of a new hire’s first week and hosts several events up until the new hire’s 90-day mark.


What To Expect Before Your Start Date

It all begins up to 30 days before a new team member’s first day. Our team reaches out to every new hire before starting so we can introduce ourselves and give the new hire a detailed look into their first week. We constantly communicate with all incoming team members to ensure everyone has a smooth transition into their new role. We also ensure everyone gets all the equipment they need for their jobs delivered to their homes - which is super important because the first week of onboarding is done remotely!

New hires can also expect a box full of fun KnowBe4-branded swag, such as T-shirts, tumblers, pens, notebooks, and more. We aim to give out high-quality, sustainably-focused swag that everyone loves and can use.

onboarding blog


Week 1 Breakdown

The first week of onboarding is conducted remotely, so new hires start by greeting our onboarding team and their onboarding class in a virtual video call. After sorting out all the paperwork, IT set-up, and initial details, it’s time to get into the fun. Our team leads every onboarding class in several icebreakers, so everyone can relax and get comfortable with each other. Then it’s time to get back to business and start training to teach everyone about KnowBe4, our mission, our acronyms, our policies, and the cybersecurity industry. Don’t worry, though; the onboarding team stays with new hires throughout the whole first week to keep things fun and exciting.

Later in the week, everyone takes a break from training for a “coffee corner” with the onboarding team. All new hires can order a coffee, paid for by KnowBe4, and the new hire class spends time playing more team-building games. One of our favorites is “guess who,” with fun facts all new hires send in earlier in the process. By now, the new hire class should know each other pretty well, so it’s the perfect time to test everyone's knowledge. Later in the week, we’ll also pay for everyone to get a free meal delivered to their house so we can enjoy a nice lunch together.

New HIre UberEats
As training continues, our team hosts more educational games, ensuring everyone is learning in a lighthearted environment instead of through boring Powerpoint presentations. As onboarding wraps up, every group of new hires is commemorated with a team photo, which typically involves editing photos of the new hires onto a movie or television show poster. 
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Extended Onboarding

After the first week of fun with our onboarding team, it’s time for all new hires to leave the virtual training room behind and join their teams. But that is not where the fun stops - new employees will meet with our Employee Success Specialist to participate in fun activities such as KB4 History Trivia (to learn the history of our company), Guess Whose Home Office (every new employee shares a photo of their home office and they each try to guess whose is whose), Guess The Sector Head (Kahoot game to learn the Sector Heads and what they are responsible for), Pin The Map (new hires all give some fun facts about where they are from), and a 90-day graduation cap celebration!

Example of Guess Whose Home Office: 

blog 4
Example of Pin The Map: blog 5

Example of Grad Cap Decorating: Grad Cap 3

All of these experiences ensure that through our onboarding experience, each new hire learns in a fun environment while building lifelong friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

Looking to experience our onboarding process for yourself?


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