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Meet the Talent Behind KnowBe4's Fun & Shenanigans!

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 29 Mar 2023
Last Updated: 21 Aug 2023

KnowBe4's global company culture team goes beyond just creating a positive work environment. They also recognize the importance of having fun and building relationships outside of work-related tasks. As a result, they regularly host events and initiatives that provide employees with a break from their daily routine and help foster a sense of community. For example, they organize team-building activities such as trivia, cooking classes, and spirit weeks! These activities allow employees to bond with their colleagues and build stronger relationships while adding some festive fun to the workplace.

Our global company culture team

The global company culture team also prioritizes wellness initiatives, such as monthly fitness challenges and financial workshops. These initiatives promote physical and mental well-being and help employees de-stress and recharge during their busy workday. We have a chance to hear from the team today to learn more about what they love most about their roles at KnowBe4!


Oktoberfest in our Berlin officeWhat is your favorite part of being on the global company culture team?

"I love being able to host our global monthly game days for our employees. We play everything virtually, like bingo, trivia, pictionary, charades, and more. It's so fun and exciting to interact with Knowsters all over the globe with a friendly game together!" - Ally, Curator of Antics & Hijinks

"My favorite thing about being part of the global company culture team is all of the fun and festivities that we get to host. From company-wide parties to determining swag to give out as a gift, there is never a dull day!" - Elaina, Artisan of Culture & Geekery

"What I like most about being part of the global company culture team is that I get to collaborate with our global team on events. Getting familiar with a team's different cultures and workings globally is just amazing. I also love creating a fun environment for our employees, so they want to come into the office a few days a week and have fun with other team members." - Amy, Developer of Fun & Shenanigans


ugly sweater day in the officeWhat initiatives do you have going on this year that you are most excited about?

"All of the health and wellness contests I host excite me! We have 'Spring into Fitness' coming up and then our fan favorite, 'Step into Fitness,' in the fall. These contests are fun because they bring friendly competition to our employees and hold them accountable. They also enjoy the epic prizes we give away at the end (but those are just a bonus to staying healthy!)" - Ally

"I am the most excited about our new Knowster Knowledge Sessions! In these sessions, we plan to bring in experts from various fields to have live, in-person sessions from our Clearwater headquarters, and we will also be livestreaming the sessions so Knowsters from all around the globe can participate! These topics will be anything from information about pets and safety preparedness to financial sessions and environment chats." - Elaina

"The annual holiday party is very important to our employees, so this will be a great event that we coordinate globally." - Amy


Dress in purple for end of month spirit week in our South Africa officeHow are you keeping employee engagement high in a hybrid work environment?

"We host our monthly virtual game days that anyone around the globe can participate in, as well as our health and wellness contests sprinkled throughout the year!" - Ally

"We are finding ways to make all of our contests and games inclusive and open to all Knowsters, as well as making sure that we over-communicate with our local people operations employees in all of the international offices to celebrate any and all fun events that our offices are doing!" - Elaina

"Some of the initiatives that keep employee engagement high are the philanthropic efforts that our employees worldwide can participate in. We get lots of positive feedback from everyone!" - Amy


20221230_095415Can you share some details about the global initiatives happening this year?

"We work closely with our people and culture coordinators in each global office to help facilitate events in their prospective countries. Soon, we will be starting game days where it's one office versus another!" - Ally

"In 2023, our goal is to look at as many things as we can with a global outlook. This means that if we do an event here in the US, we see if there is a way to stream it live, record it, and post it to slack for others to watch! We also decided to celebrate one major holiday per each of our global offices so that a part of the culture in each of the countries becomes a part of the KnowBe4 culture." - Elaina

"Globally, we are creating new events and more interactive experiences for our Knowsters who live around the world. We are working with many local vendors in each country to support the communities where we work." - Amy


KnowBe4 partners with Pinellas County Animal Welfare Trust to make a $1,500 pet donationPhilanthropy And All The Small Things

The global company culture team does a lot more than organize incredible events. They are also responsible for most of the smaller, day-to-day amenities at KnowBe4 that make work stress-free and fun. They manage KnowBe4's relationships with local vendors and organize all of the food carts that visit KnowBe4 daily. They also host pop-ups throughout the year where different local food vendors come into the office to sell and serve food to everyone!

They help facilitate the monthly game days (which are a big deal) and play a huge role in facilitating almost all of KnowBe4's philanthropic activities. They partner with our employee resource groups to host blood drives, pet adoption drives, school supply drives for in-need schools, and Earth Day community clean-ups. They manage KnowBe4's partnership with Empath Partners In Care, which includes LGBTQIA+ support projects and the annual giving tree, where we sponsor over 100 children annually to make their holiday wishes come true. 

The global company culture team communicates all their events and initiatives globally via our internal communications platform. They also provide a global monthly newsletter with a calendar of events so all Knowsters can participate. As you can see, the global company culture department has a huge impact on KnowBe4's amazing culture, and it wouldn't be the same without them!

Become a part of our amazing culture!


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