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Meet KnowBe4's Knowster Parents Employee Resource Group

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 16 Jun 2021
Last Updated: 28 Mar 2022


Let's meet the awesome parents behind the Knowster Parents Employee Resource Group! The group’s mission is to amplify the voice of working parents, foster community, and drive positive change for Knowsters with children in their lives or those interested in parenthood. It was created for parents, future parents, or anyone simply interested in joining a fun community! What else can you expect from the group? It is a great resource for parenting tips and tricks, opening up about common struggles, sharing local child-friendly activities, and most notably, working to improve parental benefits at KnowBe4.

In addition to this supportive group, KnowBe4 parental perks include eight weeks of parental leave, flexible paid time off, breast milk shipping, and fertility and adoption assistance. Recently, the Knowster Parents in Clearwater, Florida met for a beautiful afternoon outdoors to connect with each other and families at a distance. Let’s hear from some of our Knowster Parents on why they joined the group and how it has supported them throughout their careers! 

Meet Jason, VP Product Support

Jason started at KnowBe4 eight years ago and joined the group seeking support from other Knowster Parents. "KnowBe4's work-life balance has been invaluable for me in my career. With this support, I can maintain a healthy mental state, which allows me to be available for my children." When asking what parental advice he would give, Jason says "I like to ask my kids 'What did you learn from this situation?' as a response to the unbelievable things kids do!"

Jason and his family

Meet Kelly, Director of Global Talent Brand & Outreach

Kelly created the Knowster Parents Employee Resource Group last year as a place to provide support and hear feedback from other parents. “I wanted the group to help our company become a better place to attract more working parents." Kelly says the company culture starts from the top down with KnowBe4’s CEO, Stu. “Stu has provided an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all types of people. As a parent of two, I always feel supported through open paid time off, so I never have to miss a doctor’s appointment.” The group also works together to share how parental benefits could be improved. “Together as a group and with the support of company leadership, we have been working to increase KnowBe4’s parental benefit offering which has been very rewarding.”

Kelly and her family

Meet Mike, Senior Account Executive

Mike joined the group after the arrival of his son this past year. He has used the group as a resource for advice and attends the monthly meetings to learn from other parents. Mike says the parental benefits have supported him tremendously. “Our parental leave policy has been more helpful than I could ever express. Our son was born six weeks early while also gestationally three weeks behind. Being able to split up my parental leave as needed so I could spend every day in the NICU with my son and wife was fantastic. Having a preemie is already scary, so I'm glad I could focus on his development and health.” Mike also explains working from home has allowed him to spend more time with his son. “I cherish that time every day. Balancing work and parenting isn't always easy but it's so rewarding.”

Mike and his son Mike's wife and their son

Meet Amanda, Senior Software Engineer

Amanda joined the group to be involved in potential policy improvements and changes to improve the lives of working parents at KnowBe4. Amanda says remote working has helped her immensely. “KnowBe4’s flexible PTO policy allows me to participate in family events which is a great support!” When asking what advice she would give a new parent, Amanda says, “Give yourself some grace. Being a parent is hard and you're not perfect, so try your best and enjoy every moment!”

Amanda and her family

Meet John, SVP Learning Innovation

John has two teenagers and joined the group for a place of support. As a parent, he wanted to show up for others going through the challenges of parenthood. When evaluating career opportunities,  John talked about how important it was for him to work for a family-friendly organization. "Since working at KnowBe4, the get-togethers and holiday events encourage bringing the family, which is great. There are busy times, but I get quite a lot of flexibility in non-peak times to be there for my kids' events." From the group, John says he's learned that it is important not to be too hard on yourself as a parent. "We are all just doing our best as parents."

John and his family

Meet Irene, Sales Engineer Manager

Irene has been working at KnowBe4 for almost two years and joined the group right after coming back from maternity leave. “In the group, I've found warmth and community from Knowsters spanning every department; as well as several committees dedicated to furthering family-centric benefits and community outreach. It's been great!” Irene also says it is important to be vocal to your team and managers about what you need as a parent to stay productive and sane. “KnowBe4 has embraced my new job as a mother while allowing my career to not only stay on track but grow and develop.”

Irene and her son

From the parental benefits, to the helpful and knowledgeable community, the Knowster Parents Employee Resource Group has provided employees with a place to feel supported so that they can be their best at work and home! Are you a parent or interested in joining the Knowster Parents Employee Resource Group? 


Work for an organization that values working parents!


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