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Meet KnowBe4's #GirlsClub 2022 Scholarship Winners

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 2 Mar 2022
Last Updated: 28 Mar 2022

KnowBe4 proudly partners with #GirlsClub to offer two scholarships for the #GirlsClub’s certification and networking program! This sales-focused program includes six months of leadership training, networking opportunities with other women in sales, and a certification upon completion of the program. This opportunity is open to one U.S.-based Knowster who identifies as female and works in SMB sales, enterprise sales, channel sales, sales development, or customer success and also one external applicant who identifies as female and works in sales or customer success. Today, we hear from our 2022 scholarship winners, to learn what they are most excited about for the upcoming program and the advice they have for future applicants. 


What about the #GirlsClub program are you most excited about?

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"It’s hard to pick one aspect of the program that excites me the most, but if I had to choose, I’d say the one-on-one mentorship. I’m excited to build a relationship and learn from an experienced mentor who can offer valuable insight and give direction that is most applicable to me." -Eileen


"I’m so excited for the mentorship and personal connections I will make through the #GirlsClub program. I look forward to networking with strong, confident female leaders who are on a career trajectory that aligns with my goals. I’m excited to build upon my skills and current foundation while joining this empowering community." -Meaghan


How did you learn about KnowBe4’s #GirlsClub scholarship and what made you apply? 

"I learned of this opportunity through our company-wide morning daily briefings as well as hearing from our Director of Career Development, Dave. Dave suggested that I apply, and I'm so glad he did! I aspire to be a director here at KnowBe4 and I believe this opportunity will help me develop the skills to not only land the role but to be a great leader." -Eileen

"I happened to stumble across their #GirlsClub scholarship online one day. When I saw that KnowBe4 offered this scholarship for not only an employee of the company but also for an external candidate, I knew I had to apply! As a woman in sales aspiring to have a future in leadership, the #GirlsClub mission of building up the confidence of women in sales in order to cultivate leaders really spoke to me. I appreciate the opportunity, and I’m so excited for what’s to come!" -Meaghan


How do you embrace ambition as a female in sales? 

"I’ve worked closely with female VPs and directors in the past and during my time here at KnowBe4. I’m fortunate to work in an environment that celebrates women and empowers us to want to achieve more. My vice president, Brittany, and my director, Adelle, are wonderful examples of women who have paved the way for me to embrace my ambition as a female in sales." -Eileen

"I’m very competitive and like to push myself to be the best I can be. As a female, I have never believed my gender should limit my ambitions. I read in a study by the Harvard Business Review that discussed women being underrepresented in sales, in some industries, as low as 27% of the population. This has become a motivator to me, driving me to lean into my strengths and set high goals for myself. For me, embracing ambition as a female is about being authentic, unapologetic, and relentless with living at my full potential." -Meaghan


Who inspires you and why?


"My family is my biggest inspiration. When I had my kids, my drive was dialed up! I want to give them the world. I want them to be happy, healthy, loved, and cared for. I also have the responsibility to ensure they become positive members of society and a huge part of that is learning by my example. They inspire me to be a better person, so they can grow up to be better than I am." -Eileen



"My sister Brianna inspires me. She’s such a hard worker and exceptionally dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to. One of the most inspiring things about Brianna is how she’s driven by kindness. She uses her knowledge, skills, and voice to make sure she’s bettering the lives of everyone around her. She is so genuinely caring and authentically her in doing so. I believe if everyone in the world acted with that same motivation, simply spreading positivity, what we could accomplish would be limitless." -Meaghan


What motivates you to spread awareness about more female representation in the sales space?

"The women in my life, including my daughters, are huge motivators for me to spread awareness about female representation. I’ve seen many smart, capable, incredible women that would be amazing leaders in this space, stop short because they believe they don’t 'fit the mold'. That needs to change." -Eileen

"Women deserve to feel heard, seen, and respected at all levels. In a male-centered industry, I’d love to be able to break down barriers for myself and the women around me today, as well as those that come after me. The Harvard Business Review article I previously mentioned reported that female-led sales teams typically had equal numbers of men and women, whereas male-led sales teams were comprised of about 75% men. This tells me the path to gender inclusivity in the sales community requires more women in leadership. I hope to help lead the charge! Men and women should have equal opportunities, and it’s crucial we open doors for women to feel empowered and confident that they are capable." -Meaghan 


What opportunities will this scholarship give you?

"I strive to grow in this field and at KnowBe4. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to do just that. It will give me the skills and confidence to become an executive and build a team of leaders myself." -Eileen 

"This scholarship will open doors to a community of mentorship where development is fostered. I look forward to bettering myself as I continue in my sales career and hope to lead by example. My first female sales manager was always a top performer and took me under her wing as a mentor. Our relationship and the example she set have helped to develop me into the professional I am today. I look forward to taking what I will learn from the #GirlsClub, applying it to my career, and sharing it with other women in sales along the way." -Meaghan


What advice would you give someone who is interested in applying for the scholarship?


"Be honest and genuine in the application process and with yourself. Really understand why you want this but even more so why you need it to achieve your goals. I also encourage you to be vulnerable in this process. Your vulnerability is a strength! It will empower you to open up to the scholarship committee." -Eileen


"In a report by LinkedIn, women apply to 20% fewer jobs than men despite similar job browsing. Women often feel the need to be 100% qualified to apply for a job, while men typically apply when they are only about 60% qualified for the role. If you have an interest in the #GirlsClub program, I encourage you to apply! Don’t overthink it. Take the leap!" -Meaghan


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