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Meet Cassidy, KnowBe4's #GirlsClub 2021 Scholarship Winner

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 18 Nov 2021
Last Updated: 29 Apr 2022


KnowBe4 proudly partners with #GirlsClub, an organization committed to empowering more women to earn roles in leadership, to offer two scholarships for the #GirlsClub’s certification and networking program! This sales-focused program includes six months of leadership training, networking opportunities with other women in sales, and a certification upon completion of the program. This opportunity is open to one U.S.-based Knowster who identifies as female and works in SMB sales, enterprise sales, channel sales, sales development, or customer success and also one external applicant who identifies as female and works in sales or customer success. Today, we are thrilled to hear from Cassidy, our 2021 scholarship winner, to learn about her experience and the advice she has for future applicants. 


As the 2021 KnowBe4 #GirlsClub scholarship winner, what did you learn from your experience?

From my experience, I learned that having a community of people who believe in you is essential; whether it is your boss, your friends, your coworkers, or your peers. Having people in your corner who believe in you and have your back when you need support is super important because they help remind you that you are capable, worthy, and stronger than you know!

Who inspires you and why?

I am inspired by my parents. My mom is the hardest-working woman I know yet still manages to love and nurture others selflessly. My dad is the biggest dreamer, my biggest supporter, and the reason I feel like I am such a tenacious person. He models that trait for me!

Cassidy's father Cassidy and her family

Cassidy and her family

As a female in sales, what motivates you to spread awareness about more female representation in sales and the tech/cybersecurity space?

The reason I am on a sales path is because of my first female sales boss. She helped shape me into who I am today; personally and professionally. She was a badass woman in sales who never let me quit on myself when I started off in my sales development representative journey. I am motivated to develop the same coaching skills she showed me so I can also bring more awesome females along with me into the sales and tech/cybersecurity space.

Cassidy and her cat

What opportunities has this scholarship given you?

The biggest opportunity this scholarship gave me was being introduced to KnowBe4! I was connected with two Knowsters early on in the program and I loved them and their heart! Later down the road, I had the opportunity to apply to KnowBe4 for a remote Regional Account Manager position. Without this scholarship, I am not sure I would have been exposed to KnowBe4 and had the chance to pivot my career into a more fulfilling direction!


As the 2022 scholarship launches this week, what advice would you give someone who is interested in applying for the scholarship? 

My advice would be, quit thinking about it and just apply! Share the details of your story and don’t hold back on your “why.” Never forget, fortune favors the bold, so be bold and put yourself out there!

Interested in learning more?

Apply for the #GirlsClub Scholarship!



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