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KnowBe4's Global Halloween Extravaganza!

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 9 Nov 2022
Last Updated: 9 Nov 2022

Halloween is our CEO, Stu's, favorite holiday. With that said, our Halloween celebrations seem to get more and more extravagant every year! From our Clearwater, Florida, U.S. headquarters to our offices around the globe, let’s check out how Knowsters celebrated Halloween in 2022.

US US (2)


Celebrations At Our Global Headquarters

Our headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, is home to our largest Halloween celebration! This year, our Fun & Shenanigans team brought back KnowBe4’s annual coffee walk and costume contest. The annual coffee walk has been a tradition since KnowBe4’s beginnings, and due to the global pandemic, we haven’t been able to host this event for the past two years. Our Knowsters were ecstatic to get back to their roots! All Knowsters walked through downtown Clearwater where KnowBe4 bought every Knowster a drink of choice from various local shops. Restoration Cafe, Kara Lynn’s Kitchen, Escape Root Juicery, and Starbucks were all pit stops on this year’s walk.

US (3) US (5)

After the Halloween coffee walk, Knowsters returned to the office, and the real celebration began – the costume and decoration contests! There were various prizes, such as best-dressed group, best-dressed individual, best experience, and more! Let’s take a look at our winners from Clearwater:

Best Overall:

Mad Max



Children of Chrome



&  Haunted Theater


Most Authentic Experience:

Renaissance Festival



Biohazard Lab


Best Individual:

4 Legged Spirit Costume


The Fun & Shenanigans team did an excellent job spearheading this annual event, and we are so grateful for their hard work and creative vision!


Celebrations In Our Utrecht, Netherlands Office

While Halloween isn't as popular of a holiday in the Netherlands, our Knowsters still love to participate in all the fun! This year the office was decorated, and employees enjoyed some sweet treats. The Utrecht People Operations team also invited a make-up artist to do festive make-up for any Knowsters dressed up for the occasion. Whether in the office or working virtually, many employees dressed up. Check out the fantastic costumes!

NL (2) Halloween Blog Photos (1)


Celebrations In Our Berlin, Germany Office

Our Knowsters in Berlin had a blast dressing up! They had a Halloween costume contest for all Knowsters, shared lots of sweet treats, and decorated the office space. Check out these amazing costumes. 

germany germany (3) germany (2)


Celebrations In Our York, United Kingdom Office

The Knowsters in the UK were clowning around when it came to Halloween this year! They decorated the office to look like an evil circus and enjoyed some spooky delectables. These clown costumes were absolutely amazing. Sharon says, "There were plenty of treats (not too many tricks) and the team enjoyed lunch together. Everyone participated in competitions for the best costume and best pumpkin." Check out the award-winning costume and pumpkin! 

Halloween Blog Photos (3) UK
UK (3) UK (2)


Celebrations In Our Singapore Office

Our team in Singapore celebrated Halloween by dressing up and going bowling! They had a great time bonding as a team and showing the locals at K Bowling Club how KnowBe4 celebrates Halloween.

sinapore (3) sinapore sinapore (2)


Celebrations In Our Tokyo, Japan Office

Our Tokyo team also went bowling to celebrate Halloween. Our Japan and Singapore teams have a close connection and decided to bowl simultaneously in their cities to celebrate!

japan (2)-1 japan-1


Celebrations In Our Melbourne, Australia Office

Celebrations throughout the Australia office did not disappoint! Our team in Australia dressed up and indulged in MANY sweet treats. Knowsters also joined in on the Halloween fun from their remote work environment as well. Everyone had a great time! 

ANZ ANZ (3) ANZ (2)


Celebrations In Our Sao Paulo, Brazil Office

Knowsters in Brazil celebrated Halloween with tombstone brownies and dressed up for their virtual calls! Marina, a Knowster in our Brazil office, says, "Claudio won the local costume contest as Bob the Builder, an inside joke among the Knowsters in Brazil based on a codename for an R&D project. We love that our Brazil team still celebrated in a remote work environment!" 

brazil (2) Halloween Blog Photos
brazil Halloween Blog Photos (2)


Celebrations In Our Cape Town, South Africa Office

In South Africa, Knowsters celebrated by dressing up in costume and enjoying cupcakes and smash boxes in the office. These chocolate smash boxes were filled with other candies and sweets, and they were so much fun to break apart and indulge in! Check out these awesome costumes and spooky snacks. 

SA (2)


SA (3)

From creepy costumes and sweet treats to fun office decorations and virtual games, Halloween 2022 was a major success. We can't wait to see what the People Operations teams around the world have up their sleeves for 2023!

Do you want to be part of our celebrations next year?


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