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KnowBe4’s 2022 Earth Day Celebrations Around The Globe

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 25 May 2022
Last Updated: 8 Aug 2023

Earth Day's 2022 theme was "Invest In Our Planet," and throughout the entire month of April, Knowsters spent time sharing how they incorporate sustainability into their lives while also taking action in their local communities. From our Clearwater, Florida headquarters to our offices around the world, let’s check out all of the fun ways KnowBe4 celebrated Earth Day!

Cleaning Up At Our Global Headquarters


More than thirty Knowsters spent their lunch break cleaning up the streets surrounding our global headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. After collecting pounds of trash, they enjoyed lunch and refreshments together. Here's what some of our Knowsters had to say about the cleanup:

“This planet is the home we all share, and cleanups are one way to enact positive change for ourselves, our neighbors, and our wildlife. A clean environment is both our right and our responsibility.”
-Ekaterini, Team Expansion Administrator, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

“I was so happy to participate in our Earth Day cleanup because it is very important to me to do my part in keeping our planet clean for our current and future generations. Even if it is just taking a little bit of time out of my busy schedule to pick up trash, it can go a long way!"
-Sierra, Senior Expansion Specialist, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.


Beautifying Our York, U.K. Office

Cleaning The Pond At Our York, U.K. Office Picking Up Debris At Our York, U.K. Office

Our York, U.K. Knowsters also participated in our Earth Day festivities! After enduring some heavy storms recently, there were many fallen branches and debris scattered throughout the York office yard. Our Knowsters took this as an opportunity to clean up the estate and filled four trailers full of broken branches and debris. They also cleaned the ponds and removed any weeds and algae to further help the wildlife.

Beautifying Our York, U.K. Office Loading The Trailer With Branches in York, U.K.

"I am committed to investing in our planet and doing whatever I can to be more eco-friendly. Our sustainability group, EarthBe4, provides me with so many great opportunities to make a positive difference in our environment!"
-Sharon, Office Manager, York, U.K.


Picking Up Trash In Neighborhoods Across The Globe


Knowsters took part in 66 individual and group cleanups and collected over 842 pounds of garbage across the globe!

Cleanup in Cape Town, South Africa

“Every day should be Earth Day! We have such a beautiful planet and we should focus on protecting it for generations to come.”
-Shenell, Office Manager, Cape Town, South Africa


"I’m constantly reminded of how important it is to protect the planet every time I see our spectacular mountains. It’s easy to take little steps towards protecting our environment, and collectively, those little steps can make a huge impact."
-Carol, eLearning Instructional Designer, Remote U.S.

Sehar Cleaning Up in Dubai

"My family and I love cleaning our neighborhood after a busy day. We try our best to do our part in keeping the world clean and beautiful."
-Sehar, Regional Account Manager, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Planting Trees For Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a holiday that celebrates nature and encourages people to plant trees. As a team, Knowsters around the world planted more than 140 trees. Way to go, Knowsters! Sandeep, Senior Software Engineer in Dubai, participated in Arbor Day by planting a mango tree.

Sandeep Planting A Tree In Dubai

“There is a large mango tree near my home and although I am not sure when it was planted, I am so grateful for it. I was inspired to plant my own in honor of Arbor Day! Planting trees is a responsibility, and it shows how much you care for the next generation. I am happy that I am part of a company that cares for our earth and puts serious efforts to preserve the planet we live in.”
-Sandeep, Senior Software Engineer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Keeping Up With The Bees 

Bee Box 3

Knowsters also spent time with the local bees we adopted last year for our 11th birthday. This initiative successfully and safely created a home for over 220,000 bees! 

“Bees are crucial pollinators, so I love that we have partnered with our local beekeepers association to adopt them! I had wanted to visit the bees since we adopted them last year, so to actually spend time with them during Earth Month was amazing.” 
-Tonie, Director of Global Company Culture, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

Across the Atlantic, our Knowsters in the Netherlands office received their own bee hotel to have at their home. 

Bee Hotel In The Netherlands

Taking Care of Our Planet Beyond Earth Day


Although Earth Day may be over, our Knowsters aren't finished investing in our planet. Members of our sustainability group, EarthBe4, spent their morning cleaning up Farm 527, a local community garden in Dunedin, Florida! Our volunteers planted ten 3-gallon saw palmetto plants and removed debris and exotic invasives from the garden.

It’s clear that our Knowsters take every opportunity they can to invest in our planet beyond the month of April. Lael, Director of Facility Services & Sustainability, shared how we can all start living more sustainably every single day.

“My advice is to start with something that really speaks to you. For example, if you care about wildlife, try eliminating pesticides in your yard or picking up garbage in your neighborhood. Remember, every little bit of your efforts counts!”
-Lael, Director of Facility Services and Sustainability, Clearwater, Florida, U.S.

Group shot (1)

Nearly 190 Knowsters from eight different countries took part in our Earth Day festivities! We are proud of our Knowsters for taking steps towards a more sustainable future every day. Join our journey to make the world a better place!

Work for an organization that values sustainability!


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