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KnowBe4's 2020 Internship Program Starts Virtually

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 27 May 2020
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2022

KnowBe4's 2020 summer internship program has officially started! Of course the safety of our interns is our top priority, so they will be starting their internships virtually - onboarding, training, and working remotely. Don't worry though, we still have plenty of fun activities planned for this year's interns to make sure they get the same amazing experience that last year's interns received. Kelly, KnowBe4's Internship Program Director, stated that "our focus is on creating a virtual experience that is just as rewarding, fun, and challenging as an in-person experience would be.” 

Interns Day 1 copyThe First Day Of The 2020 Internship Program

While the internship is starting 100% virtually, we will be monitoring the situation in the hopes of allowing the interns to finish their internship in the office. If KnowBe4's employees return to the office before the internship ends, the interns might also be given the chance to work from the office. The interns that are not local will have the option to find an apartment and move locally, or they can choose to keep working virtually.

2020 Intern Virtual Lunch Cropped-1The 2020 Interns Are Treated To A Free Lunch Of Their Choice

The 2020 interns are over a week into their internships now and are already having a blast. They were given the same fun and unique onboarding experience that all of our new hires receive. During onboarding, the interns participated in icebreakers to get comfortable with one another as well as their Onboarding team. The interns also got to virtually see top leaders in the company, learn about their areas, and learn some fun facts about each of them during a virtual scavenger hunt. Of course food is an important part of KnowBe4's onboarding experience, so the interns were treated to a free lunch where they were allowed to order whatever food they wanted for delivery to their houses. You can read more about our full onboarding experience here.

2019 Intern AMA
The 2019 Intern AMA Session With KnowBe4's CRO, CPO, and CFO

Kelly says, "a big part of our internship program is the hands-on experience interns have by getting to interact with each other and top executives within the company." Throughout the course of the internship program, the interns will be provided with as much leadership, guidance, and professional development as possible. In addition to the leadership and guidance provided by the interns' managers and teams, they will also take part in 3 different Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with top executives from the company including our CEO (Stu), Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President of People Operations, and Vice President of Expansion.

2019 Interns With Dave PittsThe 2019 Interns Work With The Director Of Career Development To Plan For Their Future Careers

The internship program also has three professional development sessions scheduled for the interns. In these sessions the interns will meet with our Senior Vice President of People Operations, the Director of Career Development, and the Internship Program Director (Director of Talent Outreach) to learn about evaluating companies as good workplaces, planning their future career paths, and developing perfect LinkedIn profiles. These sessions are meant to help the interns transition into the professional workforce and bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience.

2019 PR ProjectThe 2019 Public Relations Interns Organized The Creation Of This Dolphin, Which Can Still Be Seen In Front Of KnowBe4's Offices

KnowBe4 puts major emphasis on ensuring the internship program is a learning experience for all the interns! That is why KnowBe4 focuses on creating project-based internships. Instead of filling papers and getting coffee, KnowBe4's interns will be working on important projects for their departments. For example, our Legal intern will have the unique opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience working with our multinational in-house legal team on a wide variety of legal issues including cybersecurity and technology, commercial transactions, intellectual property law, data privacy law, and employment law.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.57.27 PMA 2019 Courseware Intern Works With His Manager To Develop Training Content

As another example, our Courseware intern will learn how KnowBe4 builds courses using HTML, CSS, and Pug.js. The intern will work with all of KnowBe4's content publishers to update storyline courses to our proprietary course builder. The work the intern does will provide measurable value to KnowBe4 and be visible to our customers around the world.

2019 Inters Reboot 2The 2019 Intern/Manager Social At Reboot Arcade In Dunedin, Florida

While the interns work remotely, they will have three virtual team building socials with the Talent Outreach and Onboarding teams. The socials will consist of fun games such as trivia, a photo guessing competition, and a virtual scavenger hunt with gift card prizes from Amazon, Starbucks, and UberEats. If we are able to return to the office in July, the interns will also have a trip to Top Golf, a ride on a speedboat out of Clearwater followed by a beach day, and an intern/manager social.

2019 PR Intern GraduationTwo Of The 2019 Interns Presenting At The 2019 Graduation Party

At the end of the internship, whether in person or virtually, there will be a graduation party! At this party the interns will do short presentations to show what they have worked on over the course of the internship. This is an opportunity to show off their skills and demonstrate the value they added to the company.

Whether the interns continue on to work at KnowBe4 full time, return to school, or move on to pursue other opportunities, the internship program is an experience that will always stay with them, and help them find success in their careers!


To Join The 2021 Internship Program Keep An Eye On Our Jobs Page!


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