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KnowBe4 Wrapped - A Year of Excellence

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 6 Dec 2023
Last Updated: 6 Dec 2023

As we bid farewell to an amazing year, let's unwrap the highlights of KnowBe4's journey in 2023, focusing on our incredible workplace. Like Spotify Wrapped, but with an office flair, let's celebrate the achievements, accolades, and strides in creating an exceptional workplace culture that made this year stand out.


02. 1080Awards & Recognition 🏆

In 2023, KnowBe4 proudly clinched several esteemed employer awards, recognizing our commitment to fostering an outstanding workplace environment. Here's a glance at our achievements from 2023:

- We are Great Place to Work certified in all 11 of our global offices.

- Fortune Best Workplaces for Women list

- Inc. 2023 Best Workplaces

- Newsweek's Top 100 UK Most Loved Workplaces

- Best Workplaces Asia

- Trust Radius Tech Cares Award

- Top Workplaces in Technology USA


03. 1080Sustainable Workplace Practices 🌿

In the past year, KnowBe4 has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through a series of dynamic sustainability events and initiatives, including the following:

- Waste Free February contest/initiative

- Cleanup Australia Day

- ENECO Clean Beach Cleanup (Netherlands)

- Earth Day cleanups in the US, Dubai, Germany, India, South Africa, and Singapore, and tree planting in Brazil

- July Drop & Swap in the US, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and UK

- Honey Bee lunch & learn

- Q4 cleanups in the US, Dubai, South Africa, and Singapore


04. 1080Community Involvement 🏘️

KnowBe4 is deeply committed to giving back and positively impacting our community. Some of our charitable initiatives from this year were:

- Sponsoring 13 endangered species for our 13-year anniversary

- Awarded almost $50,000 in scholarships to cybersecurity students

- Clothing drive for underprivileged children

- School supply drives

- Hosted another year of our Sales Career Accelerator program

- Holiday giving tree



06. 1080Never Ending Celebrations 🥳

Join us in reminiscing about the fun and memorable events that brought our team together, created lasting memories, and fostered a vibrant and connected community. Here's few of our favorites festivities from 2023:

- Celebrating KnowBe4 turning 13 around the globe

- Holiday parties

- End of Month lunches 

- Pride parades

- Halloween

- Team-building activities

- Summer internship grautation party

- Office mingles


05. 1080New Offices Around the Globe 🌎

In the past year, KnowBe4 has expanded its global presence with new office spaces in multiple locations around the world, including:

- Singapore, Singapore

- Leeds, United Kingdom

- Utrecht, Netherlands

- Melbourne, Australia

- Kochi, India

As we wrap up this exceptional year, KnowBe4 is looking forward to another fantastic year! With a commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and continuous improvement, we're geared up for another chapter in creating a workplace that inspires and uplifts.

KnowBe4's 2023 Wrapped is a celebration of the collective efforts of our incredible team and the values that drive us forward. Here's to a year well-wrapped in workplace excellence and to the unwritten chapters that await us in fostering an even more amazing workplace! 🎉🌍✨

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