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Join KnowBe4’s 2023-2024 Sales Career Accelerator

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 7 Jun 2023
Last Updated: 7 Jun 2023

2023-2024 marks our 4th year running our Sales Career Accelerator program! This program is a 6-month virtual training and professional development initiative for college juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a career in sales. After students complete the program, they enter the industry with practical skills, knowledge, and experience. From participating in professional development sessions to competing in sales competitions, let’s take a look at the fantastic experiences our Sales Career Accelerator students will have!


The Curriculum

KnowBe4's Sales Career Accelerator program offers students a chance to gain hands-on experience, professional development, and valuable industry insights within a rapidly growing and dynamic field. Designed to foster the next generation of sales talent, this program provides a solid foundation for young professionals to launch their careers with confidence. Participants work closely with KnowBe4's seasoned sales team, so students gain firsthand experience in a fast-paced sales environment, helping them develop critical skills. Our program is fully virtual and takes place from 4:30-6:00 pm (EST) on the first and third Wednesday of each month from November to April. Here's a look into what the 2023-2024 schedule looks like:

2023-2024 SCA Schedule

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in the sales industry. Some of the main topics we dive into within the program are prospecting, negotiating like a pro, and how to tailor a demo. Participants engage in a range of activities, including interactive sales workshops, role-play exercises, and a sales competition to put their skills to the test. This holistic approach ensures students develop a deep understanding of KnowBe4's sales methods and the general art of successful selling.


SCA Class

The Benefits

In addition to the learning experience, our program provides ample opportunities for students to network with KnowBe4 employees. Participants have the chance to interact with professionals from various departments within KnowBe4, including sales, employee development, and even C-Suite executives. This exposure opens doors to valuable connections and potential career opportunities within the organization.

Students also learn how to stand out when applying for jobs once they enter the workforce. Our recruitment team holds sessions during the program where students learn about resume building, building out their LinkedIn profile, how to master their elevator pitch, and more! 


Battling Head-to-Head in Sales Competitions

Sales Career Accelerator students have the opportunity to participate in multiple sales competitions. These allow students to put their skills to the test and demonstrate their sales abilities in front of KnowBe4's sales executives and recruiters. Students assume the role of a KnowBe4 sales representative during these competitions, while our team members act as potential buyers from different organizations. There are three rounds in the competition, with each round focused on a different sales skill. Some of the topics include demonstrating a product, closing a sale, and overcoming objections. Top performers from the competitions were awarded Amazon gift cards for up to $100! 


SCA GraduationGraduating from KnowBe4’s Sales Career Accelerator

Graduation from the Sales Career Accelerator is a time for the students to reflect and celebrate what was accomplished over the last six months. Each graduate shares their favorite memories and key takeaways from the program. The students also receive feedback from various sales executives on how they can continue to progress in their careers.

If you're an ambitious student looking to make a mark in the sales industry, don't miss out on the chance to join KnowBe4's Sales Career Accelerator program. Seize this opportunity to pave the way for a rewarding and fulfilling career in sales!

Join our 2023 - 2023 Sales Career Accelerator Program


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