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A Look Inside Our New Kochi, India Office

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 11 May 2023
Last Updated: 11 May 2023

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office location in Kochi, India! After months of planning and anticipation, we now have a physical space where our employees can come together and collaborate. In this blog post, we will discuss the exciting opening of our new office location in India and how it is helping us to build a better work environment for our team. We will explore the benefits of having a physical office, our sustainable practices, the events we have hosted in the new space, and more!

Kochi Office Opening 10


World Trade Center Office SpacePrime Office Location

Our new office location is situated in InfoPark in Kochi, a prime location in the southernmost state in India. InfoPark is a huge piece of land owned by the government that is rented out to businesses. It is the largest tech park in the state, and its central location in the world trade center of Kochi puts us in the hub of business and technology in the area. There are lots of restaurants nearby that Knowsters can walk to and enjoy on their lunch breaks and after work!



Kochi Office Opening 9Building a Better Work Environment

One of the biggest advantages of having an office is the ability to collaborate in person. Our new office location provides a space for our employees to meet face-to-face and build stronger relationships. This is an exciting opportunity for our Knowsters to gain experience in the office and connect with their colleagues. 

We are also proud to say that our new office is designed to support hybrid/remote work. We have given everyone two sets of equipment so they don't have to bring everything back and forth for the hybrid workspace, and our standing desks are ergonomic and helpful for maintaining employee health. Most of our Knowsters have started coming into the office at least three days a week while still allowing a flexible work environment that works for everyone. 


Kochi Office Opening 7Sustainable Workspace 

In addition to the benefits of in-person collaboration, we are excited to implement sustainable practices in our new office. We have ordered plastic-minimum office supplies that are made out of recycled materials, and all of our pantry kitchenware is glass and reusable. We have also made sure that all of the fun treats and activities we have around the office are sustainable, so our employees can enjoy them without worrying about their environmental impact. 



Birthday cake cuttingExciting Events

We have already hosted lunch and learn sessions, celebrated team birthdays with in-person cake cuttings, and enjoyed team lunches and end-of-month celebrations in the office! Our Knowsters are enjoying the perks of the new office, such as the wellness room, gaming room, and, of course, the well-stocked pantry. 

In conclusion, the opening of our new office location in India represents an exciting new chapter for our Knowsters in Kochi. By prioritizing in-person communication and sustainable practices, we are building a better work environment for our team. We look forward to the opportunities and growth that this new chapter will bring!

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