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A Look Back At KnowBe4’s 2021-2022 Sales Career Accelerator

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 8 Jun 2022
Last Updated: 8 Jun 2022

This past April, students from around the U.S. graduated from KnowBe4’s 2021-2022 Sales Career Accelerator! This program is a 6-month virtual training and professional development initiative for college juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a career in sales. After students complete the program, they enter the industry with practical skills, knowledge, and experience. From participating in professional development sessions to competing in sales competitions and working on projects, let’s take a look back at the fantastic experiences our Sales Career Accelerator graduates had this year!

Participating in Professional Development Workshops

Virtual Meeting With Students

While there are several essential elements to KnowBe4's Sales Career Accelerator, the signature ingredient to this successful program is the training and professional development provided to the students. In the 2021-2022 program,  students learned about critical sales tactics and strategies that are crucial to success when joining the workforce. From “Strategic Prospecting in Tech” to “Negotiating Like a Pro,” students attended various workshops throughout the program with some of the best sales professionals at KnowBe4, including our Chief Revenue Officer, Executive Vice President of SMB Sales, Vice President of SMB Sales, Director of Training, and many of our highest-earning sales representatives. Here’s what two of our graduates had to say about the program:

Nikola Working From Home

"The Sales Career Accelerator program provided me with all the tools necessary to start building a successful sales career. I love how the program allows you to put the new skills that you have developed to the test by participating in the different sales competitions. Two memories that stand out from the program were the 'dad jokes' and opening our amazing graduation gifts."
-Nikola, Regional Account Manager

Bruna in KnowBe4 Swag

“One of my favorite parts of the program was the sales competitions. During these competitions, I was able to put what I had been learning into practice while also receiving feedback from the trainers. I learned not only about sales techniques but also about communication skills and emotional intelligence. It was great to understand how those skills can be applied to the sales process!”
-Bruna, Customer Success Intern

Students also learned how to stand out when applying for jobs once they enter the workforce. Our very own recruitment team held a dedicated session during the program, where Knowsters learned about resume building, writing cover letters, building out their LinkedIn profile, and more!


Battling Head-to-Head in Sales Competitions

Sales Career Accelerator students also had the opportunity to participate in multiple sales competitions. These allowed students to put their skills to the test and demonstrate their sales abilities to KnowBe4's sales executives and recruiters. Students assumed the role of a KnowBe4 sales representative during these competitions, while our team members acted as potential buyers from different organizations. There were two competitions broken into three rounds, with each round focused on a different sales skill. Some of the topics included demonstrating a product, closing a sale, and overcoming objections. Top performers from the competitions were awarded Amazon gift cards for up to $100! Here’s what Val from our recruitment team had to say about watching the students progress through each competition:

Val, Sales Expansion Manager

I loved helping with the Sales Career Accelerator because it's so exciting to watch the students grow and learn with each session. Seeing them go from their first interview to doing role plays or winning competitions is so rewarding!"
-Val, Sales Expansion Manager


Graduating from KnowBe4’s 2021 Sales Career Accelerator

Virtual Graduation

Graduation from the Sales Career Accelerator was a time for all the students to reflect and celebrate what was accomplished over the last six months. Each graduate shared their favorite memories and key takeaways from the program. The students also received feedback from various sales executives on how they can continue to progress in their careers.

After sharing memories from the program, students opened their fun gift boxes on camera to celebrate all they accomplished. The gifts were mailed to the students before graduation and included a beach duffle, beach towel, sunglasses, and a tumbler; the perfect gifts to mark the beginning of the summer! The virtual graduation was a blast and filled with excitement as students opened their gifts.

The program wrapped up the same way many of the sessions throughout the year ended, with "dad jokes'' from our Executive Vice President SMB Sales, Christian, and our Senior Director of Global Training, TJ. Everyone shared bittersweet goodbyes, and the 2021-2022 Sales Career Accelerator officially came to a close.

Meeting With TJ

Many of these students have since joined us as summer interns or even as full-time Knowsters! No matter where these young professionals are headed in their career journeys, we are happy to have been a stop along their paths. They will carry their newfound skills wherever life leads them and do great things in this world!

Join our next Sales Career Accelerator!


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