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KnowBe4's Angel Tree Donations!

By: KnowBe4 HR

Published: 30 Jan 2019
Last Updated: 24 Mar 2022

 The Knowsters had a great and busy Winter Holiday Season this past year! To add to all of that, KB4 wanted to celebrate the season of giving by giving back to our community! KnowBe4 participated in Salvation Army's Angel Tree Donations. "It was really great, everyone was super eager to pick out a child in need. Once we put the Angel Tree tags on the tree, they were all gone in less than a day! Some of the Knowsters even took two tags!" said Amy.

Angel Tree 1

Every year the Salvation Army does an Angel Tree Donation program where donors can pick a child in need to donate toys and gifts to. The tags list an item the children need, an item they want and their clothing size.

Angel Tree 2

Since the KB4 family was so excited to donate, we had to get a second round of Angel Tree tags! "I grew up in a big family (7 brothers and 1 sister) and from an early age my parents instilled in us the notion of giving back. I was excited to donate because I wanted to be able to give these kids a reason to smile. Ultimately, I ended up selecting two kids - a boy and a girl, the decision was an easy one to make. Two kids would not have to go without toys this holiday season!" said Noelle.

Angel Tree 3

Over the period of a week, the 100 tags were brought back with the corresponding gifts. 10 bikes, 8 scooters, a guitar, numerous dolls and kitchen bake sets and many other amazing toys were donated! "I chose my little guy because the things he wanted were so basic. He asked for a soccer ball and building toys. I just thought that if he didn't have these basic toys, he probably didn't have a lot. I used all of the information on his list: toys he wanted, clothing sizes, even shoe size. I tried to get him a little bit of everything," said Stacy.

Angel Tree 4

When the donations were dropped off to the Salvation Army there was so much that the Salvation Army employees were brought to tears. KnowBe4 plans to participate in the Angel Tree Donations again. We even had some of our European team members ask to participate in the Angel Tree donations! KnowBe4 works hard to provide a safe cyber community globally and a well cared for community locally!


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