Halloween 2019!

KnowBe4 Halloween 2014-2019

Halloween is a big deal for the Knowsters; It’s Stu’s favorite holiday and the Knowsters have always celebrated it fervently! As the company has gotten bigger so has the Halloween celebration. Every year is an attempt to outdo the last as teams compete for the awards for “Best Individual Costume”, “Best Group Costume” and “Best Decorations”. Halloween is a time that allows the creativity of the Knowsters to really shine through, as we strive to not reuse old costume and decoration ideas from prior years. 

KnowBe4 Halloween 2019

The day starts with a company-wide photo and then continues with a parade of hundreds of costumed employees through downtown Clearwater to local coffee shops, where we get free drinks! Afterward, employees tour the different departments to see all of the decorations that were put up. By the end of the day, everyone has voted for their favorite costumes and decorations. This year’s winners were as follows:


Best Group

Central CSM- South Park
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019


Best Costume

1st Place- Blue Alien
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019

2nd Place - Ragnar
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019

3rd Place - The Mad Hatter
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019

Best Decorations

Developers - Area 51 Raid/Rave

Here are some more of the amazing costumes from this year!

Peaky Blinders:
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019 Peaky Blinders


Cereal Mascots:
KnowBe4 Halloween 2019 Cereal Characters


Jurassic Park:
Jurassic Park2


A twisted take on Benihana:


Our UK Office!
Team UK Halloween

Check out our Facebook photo album for even more! 


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