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8 Years and $100,000,000 Later!

March 24, 2022


In the month of November, KnowBe4 celebrated a huge milestone! We hit $100,000,000 in sales! All of the Knowsters worked hard to help contribute to this huge success!  

100,000,000 plane

To thank the team and show off our accomplishment KnowBe4 had a plane fly around our Clearwater office building, pulling a custom made banner that said "KnowBe4 $100,000,000!"  

Close Up Plane-1

In addition to the surprise in the sky, Knowsters also received a chocolate bar in milk or dark chocolate and a special pin for our spirit flags!

Candy Bar

100 Mil Pin-2

"I am super happy with this great milestone! Awesome team work from all of the Knowsters! Very well done!" said our CEO Stu. Congratulations for all the hard work KnowBe4! 


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