Scam Of The Week: Your Stolen iPhone Has Been Found - Phishing

Phone_Found.pngBetween 3 and 4 million smartphones are stolen every year. It's is your modern-day purse snatching. Many people put their entire private and work lives on these devices that can cost up to 500 bucks. Losing a device or getting it stolen can feel like a disaster, way beyond just the monetary loss.

If you lose your smartphone, or if it gets stolen, make sure you follow the procedures you were given by your organization. Report the loss or theft immediately to the correct person. If you get a message from an address you do not recognize claiming "Your phone is found", do not click on anything and do not call any number that the message may give you. Specifically, do not log into any site this message tells you to go to and leave your username and password, because that is likely a spoofed site and they are trying to steal your credentials.

Remember, the bad guys try to trick you when you are worried and manipulate you into doing things against your own interest. Online crooks have no shame in abusing their victims twice to get what they want. Think Before You Click! 

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