Compliance Training Library

Provide your users with interactive, relevant, engaging content that teaches them how to respond to challenging situations.

KnowBe4’s Compliance Plus training addresses difficult topics such as sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, discrimination and business ethics. The Compliance Plus library includes content from multiple training publishers and includes real-life simulated scenarios, various types of media formats and reinforcement materials to support your compliance training program.

The Compliance Plus library is available as an add-on subscription to any KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training subscription. Customers across all subscription levels can browse, search for and preview any of the compliance content in the ModStore. Customers with a Compliance Plus subscription can save any training content to your organization’s library and use it in your training campaigns.

Compliance Plus Training Topics

Business Ethics
Our business ethics training content allows you to educate your users on the key legal requirements and ethical principles involved in working for your organization. The ultimate goal is to set a solid ethical framework and foundation to orient employees to do the right thing.
Data Privacy
Our data privacy training content lays out the importance of data privacy, the risks of mishandling personal data and the potential consequences of non-compliance with data privacy rules.
Data Protection
The overall goal of these courses is to create informed employees that can identify personally identifiable information (PII), understand how to handle it and make better privacy decisions that ultimately reduce risk to your organization.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Encouraging acceptance of diverse workforces is a key goal of diversity training. This content covers topics such as what is DEI, recognizing and addressing microaggressions and disrupting our unconscious bias.
Employment Law
Our employment law training covers the federal and state laws that govern the workplace, including topics like discrimination, harassment, wage and hour laws, FMLA and reasonable accommodations under the ADA.
Harassment & Discrimination
Our anti-discrimination training content teaches your users what discrimination looks like, how to avoid and stop it and what steps managers should be taking to ensure a respectful and encouraging workplace for all. Our harassment prevention training covers sexual harassment and other harassment prevention topics like protected classes, Title IX and more.
Workplace Safety
The possibility of unexpected physical dangers, such as workplace violence, active shooters or biological health hazards have become an unfortunate reality of the modern workplace. This training content teaches employees the vital steps they need to take in the event of situations like an active assailant attack at their workplace.
Professional Development
Employees are better served when they feel their organization is invested in improving their skills and experience. To that end, our professional development training offers varied opportunities to provide courses on corporate process improvements, efficiencies and other related topics.