Identify and Respond to Email Threats Faster

PhishER Plus
With automatic prioritization for emails, PhishER Plus helps your InfoSec and Security Operations team cut through the inbox noise and respond to the most dangerous threats more quickly.
PhishER Plus is a simple and easy-to-use web-based platform with critical functionality that serves as your phishing emergency room to identify and respond to user-reported messages.
With PhishER Plus, your team can prioritize, analyze, and manage a large volume of email messages—fast! This will save them so much time!

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PhishER Plus
Automatic Message Prioritization
Set rules to prioritize messages Clean, Spam, or Threat.
Emergency Rooms
Pre-filtered views of messages unresolved in PhishER inbox
KnowBe4’s Email Add-in Button
PhishER integrates with KnowBe4’s Phish Alert Button, and also works by forwarding to a dedicated mailbox.
Simple and Advanced Rule Creation
Create custom rules, use the built-in YARA-based rules, or edit existing YARA rules.
Custom Workflows
Create custom workflows for prioritization and alerting tasks.
Security Roles
Create different user roles to assign custom permissions for the exact incident response roles you need in your organization.
A PhishER machine-learning module that analyzes messages to give you info to make prioritization fast and accurate.
PhishRIP is a PhishER email quarantine feature that integrates with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and is included with your PhishER subscription.
PhishFlip enables you to take your user-reported phishing email threats and turn an active phishing attack into a safe simulated phishing campaign in real time. PhishFlip is included with your PhishER subscription and works with your KnowBe4 training and phishing subscription.
PhishER Blocklist for Microsoft 365
Add user-reported email threats to your M365 blocklist. Create your organization’s unique list of blocklist entries and dramatically improve your M365 email filters without leaving your PhishER console.
Data Enrichment Intelligence
PhishER integrates with external services like VirusTotal, URL Unwinding to help analyze attachments and domains.
SIEM Integrations
Push data into popular platforms such as Splunk and QRadar. Support for multiple syslog destinations is also available.
Global PhishER Blocklist for Microsoft 365
Blocklist entries of validated threats crowdsourced from 10+ million trained users are leveraged to automatically block matching new incoming messages from reaching your users’ inboxes. This continually updated threat feed is managed by KnowBe4 and syncs with your Microsoft 365 mail server.
Global PhishRIP for Microsoft 365
Messages that match an identified phishing threat other PhishER customers have "ripped" from their organization's mailboxes are then validated by the KnowBe4 Threat Research Lab. These messages are automatically quarantined by removing them from all of your users’ inboxes.
Analysis Backed by KnowBe4 Threat Research Lab
KnowBe4’s Threat Research Lab is a dedicated team of researchers that collect, analyze, and validate identified email threats before adding entries to the Global Blocklist threat feed.
PhishER Plus Threat Intel
PhishER Plus Threat Intel is a new feature added to KnowBe4's PhishER Plus, providing users with instant internet reputation data to enable smart and automated responses to web threats.
CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox Integration
The PhishER Plus and CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox integration allows admins to investigate potentially malicious user-reported emails for further analysis safely and efficiently, all from a single console.

MSRP USD Monthly Pricing Per Seat 3 Year Term

MSRP USD Monthly Pricing Per Seat 3 Year Term
PhishER Plus

Pricing in US$ as per July 2023 for North America. List pricing may be modified at any time, and may be different in different countries. Ask for our non-profit and competitive upgrade discounts.

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