Risk & Insurance Partners

Stronger Partnerships, empowered workforces, reduced risk.

Risk & Insurance Partner

Comprehensive Protection for Customers

Reduced risk
Reduced Risk

Strengthen your organizational security culture while benefiting from our partners’ expertise in cyber risk and insurance

Enhanced Coverage
Enhanced Coverage

Access best-in-class insurance coverage and premiums through our preferred partners

Cost savings
Cost Savings

Customers of our Risk & Insurance Partners can access exclusive discounts on the KnowBe4 platform

Driving Joint Value for Partners

Unlock discounts
Unlock Discounts

Access exclusive pricing for your customers through our partner benefit tiers to help you gain a competitive edge.

Minimize Cyber exposure
Minimize Cyber Exposure

Further empower your clients to counter potential threats to aid in reduced claims and financial risk.

Enhanced Risk Assessment
Enhanced Risk Assessment

Help improve your customers’ defense-in-depth and gain a deeper understanding of their risk posture.

Featured Risk & Insurance Partners


KnowBe4 has a deep, long-standing partnership with Beazley. They define themselves by what they empower their clients to accomplish. We do, too, and together that’s reduced human risk.


Corvus specializes in cyber insurance solutions. Everything they’ve built is made to manage cyber risk. Together we help organizations measure, monitor and mitigate human risk.

Marsh McLennan

KnowBe4 and Marsh McLennan have a partnership to bring exclusive discounts to their clients as well as enable our joint customers to access best-in-class cyber insurance.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Our collaboration with KnowBe4 marks a new phase in cyber risk management for our joint customers. By tapping into KnowBe4's exceptional training resources, we are not only insuring our clients against cyber threats, but also actively empowering them to better understand and mitigate these risks. This is about transforming the way companies perceive and manage cyber threats – with knowledge and preparation.
Jack Vines III | CEO of Measured