Why Choose KnowBe4? 

KnowBe4 is helping thousands of IT pros like you to improve their network security in fields like finance, energy, healthcare, government, insurance and many more.

With KnowBe4 you have the best-in-class phishing simulation and training platform to improve your organization’s last line of defense: Your Human Firewall.

We help you enable your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day. We know you need to show ROI, and we help you deliver a data-driven IT security defense plan that starts with the most likely “successful” threats within your organization – your employees.


Great Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Success Team Included in Your Subscription
Our Customer Success team gets you going in no time, without the need for consulting hours. With dedicated success managers to get you onboarded, you can have your baseline phishing test setup within minutes. As soon as your purchase process is complete, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will reach out to you within 24 hours. We work with you to help customize your security awareness training strategy using the massive library of training content and walk you through easy steps to roll out your entire phishing and training campaign schedule. Customer loyalty is second to none! Nearly 90% of KnowBe4 customers renew across all subscription levels after they see the value of always fresh training content, new features, and dedicated customer support.


High-Quality Product at a Super Affordable Price

We believe in a high-quality product at a super affordable price.
Your Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond subscription level gives you access to increasingly advanced enterprise features which all are included in your subscription for that level. Not like other vendors that require “Managed Services” engagements to gain access to premium features like Industry Phishing Benchmarks, priority technical support, or even just to get you up and running.


A History of Reliable Products and Service

Built by Admins for Admins
The KnowBe4 platform is created by “admins for admins”, designed with intuitive navigation and an easy UI that takes minimal time to deploy and manage. From day one, it was built to scale and can handle literally unlimited end users with ease.

We understand your day-to-day is putting out 16 fires, so we made an easy-to-use console with start-up tools to help you take the guesswork out of creating your security awareness program.

World’s Largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform
In your fight against phishing and ransomware you have the best-in-class phishing platform combined with the largest library of interactive web-based training materials at your fingertips; including 1000+ interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Our library is constantly refreshed and always growing which gives enough phishing and training campaign combinations that you could set up an entire year’s campaign ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ that delivers unique content to all your employees.

With the industry’s largest full-time content development staff, we stay ahead of the pack to deliver relevant new security topics in different educational flavors that gives you access to new and fresh training content fast.

Real Proof that Changing Your Employee Behavior Improves Your IT Security
Human error, though mostly unintentional, is one of the main causes of cyber security incidents. When your employees are the weakest link in your IT security, your threats of compromise will increase over time unless you educate them and educate consistently.

With KnowBe4's massive database, we analyzed 6 million users over the course of 12 months, and our 2018 research uncovered some surprising results. The overall industry initial Phish-prone percentage benchmark turned out to be a troubling 27%.

Fortunately, the data showed that this 27% can be brought down more than half to just 13% in only 90 days by deploying new-school security awareness training. The 365-day results show that by following these best practices, the final Phish-prone percentage can be minimized to 2.17% on average.

When you send simulated phishing and training campaigns to your employees on an ongoing basis they learn to STOP, LOOK, and THINK before they click. You are training your employees to be part of your defense-in-depth strategy and they are active participants in helping to protect your organization’s risk to social engineering!


Access to Fast Technical Support

Median Response Time of an Hour 
When you have questions, we have answers. We make it easy to connect with us when you need technical support,
the way you want to connect. Online Community, Support Knowledgebase, and full time dedicated U.S.- and Europe-based support through phone and email. With an average Median Response Time of an hour in responding to new support tickets and a 97% customer support satisfaction rate, KnowBe4’s tech experts respond quickly and get your issues resolved super-fast!


Innovative Products and Services

The Only Platform that Allows for Real-World Phishing Simulations
Your end users use LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, Office 365, Dropbox. And these well-known platforms are known to be used in phishing attacks. Only KnowBe4 enables REAL phishing simulations that teach your users how to watch out for phishing scams from the brands they are most familiar with. With the world’s largest library of phishing and email templates, you are well-equipped to deliver real-world testing campaigns that help your employees learn fast!

Frequent Releases of New Features
We know it’s important you always have the most up-to-date and cutting-edge features and functionality to bolster your IT security posture. With new features that help make your job easier, we release minor new features every month. As part of our product strategy and vision, we target at least one major "licensed" feature per quarter. That means you get access to real new-school security awareness training features that lower tiered platforms are not able to deliver.


Company Transparency

We are an IT security company. 
in our DNA and understand that your security best practices are just as important as the vendors’ practices you choose to trust. Where other IT security companies may value profits, we value, well…security.

With over 50,000 customers across the globe and an unusually high customer retention rate, we are the Industry Standard in security awareness training and simulated phishing. KnowBe4 is proud to be positioned highest and furthest overall in the Leaders' Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant, and as the world's largest security awareness platform - we are here to stay.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Hi Stu, Wow, thanks for checking in! We are very satisfied with the company, the people, and the product. We have our automated phishing emails sent out monthly with training automatically assigned and tracked.

Those features were exactly the reason we moved to KnowBe4 from PhishMe. Our employees have been very receptive to the simulations and training. They love telling me when they’ve caught a phish!

As a whole, KnowBe4 has been so much better to work with. Everyone who I have been in contact with was very helpful and nice without being overbearing or pushy. I look forward to the innovation that future improvements will bring, and am happy with our choice to partner with KnowBe4 for our security education.

H.D.InfoSec - Medical Center

We are greatly enjoying the switch to KnowBe4. I appreciate all the help your people have provided and the tools that are provided. Initially I was apprehensive switching from PhishMe but your product is much more thorough and the AD sync option saves me time as well as provides more accuracy

M.C.InfoSecurity Technical Analyst

I’ve been very pleased with both the Phishing module and the training options available. As a former PhishMe customer, I appreciate the variety of templates available for both campaigns and landing pages and the Phish Alert button is popular with staff as well.

J.L.Manager, IT

We are very happy with KnowBe4 for both security awareness training and anti-phishing. We have stopped using PhishMe entirely.

For what it is worth, I’ve been to several legal/security conferences in the past 12 months. 12 months ago, Phishme was the talk of the town and was mentioned at several conferences so that is who I started to look at for phishing awareness. In my opinion, the annual subscription price didn’t justify investing in phishing product over implementing other security technologies. I then came across Wombat and ended up with the same analysis.

At one of the conferences I heard the name KnowBe4 and looked up your company. When I got the price, I asked, “What’s the catch?”. The rep said there is no catch. We want customers to purchase and USE our product.

I have been impressed by everyone I worked with at KnowBe4. I also find value in the timely and relevant information I’m receiving from the “Stu” email campaigns. It is a huge time save when I can cut and paste a quick awareness email from the emails. The emails are written with the right audience in mind, end users.


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