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Latest Insights From the KnowBe4 Blog

Face off: New Banking Trojan steals biometrics to access victims’ bank accounts

Feb 23, 2024 10:11:50 AM

Venturebeat had the scoop on a fresh Group-IB report. They discovered the first banking trojan that steals people’s faces. Unsuspecting users are tricked into giving up personal IDs and phone numbers and are prompted to perform face scans. These images ar...

Nearly One in Three Cyber Attacks In 2023 Involved The Abuse of Valid Accounts

Feb 23, 2024 9:02:47 AM

Thirty percent of all cyber incidents in 2023 involved abuse of valid credentials, according to IBM X-Force’s latest Threat Intelligence Index. This represents a seventy-one percent increase compared to 2022.

Data Breach at French Healthcare Payment Processor Puts 20 Million Policyholders at Risk

Feb 23, 2024 9:02:40 AM

A single account being phished caused millions of French healthcare policyholder records to be breached.

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