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Latest Insights From the KnowBe4 Blog

Warning: Sharing Data with ChatGPT Can Be Misused Outside Your Organization

Jun 2, 2023 3:14:45 PM

A new study found that ChatGPT can accurately recall any sensitive information fed to it as part of a query at a later date without controls in place to protect who can retrieve it.

Verification and Deepfake Fraud Trends in North America

Jun 2, 2023 3:14:33 PM

Forced verification fraud and deepfake fraud are on the rise in the US and Canada, according to researchers at Sumsub. Pavel Goldman-Kalaydin, Sumsub’s Head of AI & ML, explains that forced verification involves bypassing biometric data checks.

Protecting Patient Data: The Importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Jun 1, 2023 1:37:09 PM

As digital transformation continues to shape the healthcare industry, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to prioritize cybersecurity. These organizations are entrusted with sensitive personal information from patients, making them a prime target f...

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