Standups 4 Security security awareness video series

Standups 4 Security
Learn and laugh with this new
security awareness video series

In this new 8-episode comedy video series from Popcorn Training, learn how to protect your users and organization from falling victim to social engineering attacks. 

The new series, called Standups 4 Security was inspired by real life events and takes you through different examples on the schemes cyber criminals use to target your users. The live-action video series goes behind the scenes and tells the true story of the 2018 Goliath & Goliath Comedy Club hack and includes a cast of some of South Africa's favorite award-winning comedians. 

These entertaining and educational micro-module videos help you learn while you laugh!

Meet Jason in this episode: Spear phishing is one of the most common cybercrime tactics. In this hilarious episode, see Jason Goliath target a victim and show how easy it is to catch the big phish. 

View this episode - Catching the Big Phish


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