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Learn about the world’s largest library of always-fresh, security awareness training content, from assessments and interactive training modules to videos, games, posters and more.

Training Access Levels

We offer three Training Access Levels: I, II, and III, depending on your subscription level. The security awareness training content in each level is carefully curated to build on the level before it, and each subscription provides varying levels of multi-language support and mobile-friendly content options.
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Level I - Silver
Training Access Level I provides you with the fundamental elements required to begin a security awareness training program. It’s ideal for organizations that do not have security awareness training in place and want to start at least an annual training program.
Level II - Gold
The Training Access Level II library builds on Level I and expands to provide a greater variety of training content styles, formats and topics. From animation, to live action, to self-paced learning, Level II unlocks the potential for you to offer more targeted training based on your users’ roles, their location around the world and your organization’s industry.
Level III - Diamond
Training Access Level III includes all the training content in Levels I and II, plus access to the most comprehensive library of security awareness training content, enhancing your organization’s ability to deliver a fully mature awareness program on an ongoing basis. Level III includes multiple award-winning streaming-quality video series that tie scenes from each episode to key cybersecurity best practices.

Training Publishers

Our partnerships with e-learning and security awareness content providers across the globe bring unique flavor and flair to the collection to ensure training campaigns stay current, relevant and engaging for your users.

Learn a little bit about each of the publishers below and find the best mix to build your own mature, multi‑faceted security awareness training program. To view content by publisher, simply click on each logo.

Content For Every Medium, User and Skill Level

Training Modules
Interactive modules that cover a wide range of topics, are SCORM-compliant and can be used within your own LMS
Video Modules
Multimedia content that can be watched in-browser or downloaded for use with your own LMS
Mobile-First Modules
Training on the go! These modules are optimized for viewing on a mobile device, no longer than five minutes, designed for low-bandwidth areas, SCORM-compliant and can be used within your own LMS
Discover where your users are regarding security awareness to establish baseline security metrics and adjust awareness training accordingly
Reinforce skills and information that your users are learning with games that are SCORM-compliant and can be used within your own LMS
Newsletters & Security Documents
Newsletters and security documents that are PDF files that can be printed or shared digitally, covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics
Posters & Artwork
High-quality images and PDFs that can be printed or shared digitally and provide visual reminders to keep security top of mind

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