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Get the latest phishing and security awareness resources to keep your network secure while users are working from home.

Prepare Your Organization to Defend Against Covid-19 Scams

KnowBe4 is here to help you be in the best position to properly engage your employees during this time of uncertainty. Did you know that Cybercriminals have ramped-up phishing attacks over 667% in the month of March alone? With cybercriminals in a feeding frenzy, it's super-important to conduct phishing training during this time. Make sure that your users are prepared. It's better to "fail safe" and direct your users to a learning moment than to have an employee click on a real phishing email and have your entire organization experience a breach.

Check out this short video series designed to help security awareness leaders conduct critical phish testing in a way that feels caring and compassionate. Keep Calm and Don’t Click. We’re all in this together.

A Special Message From Kevin Mitnick About Covid-19

Hear a special message from KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick on straight-forward talk to help you stay safe while working at home from phishing attacks and what to watch out for.

Keep Calm and Don’t Click. We’re all in this together.

How KnowBe4 Can Help
IT Admins

COVID-19 is causing organizations around the world to adopt new processes. This, coupled with the stress related to the worldwide pandemic, has resulted in a spike in phishing attacks. KnowBe4 is developing resources to help you keep your organization safe from these new attacks.

Simulated Phishing Campaign Notification for Your Users

Use this quick video to help set a compassionate, empathetic tone to notify your employees of the current real cybersecurity threats that are out there, and that your organization will be conducting simulated phishing tests to help prepare them.

Coronavirus Phishing Post-Click
User Education

This video is intended to be used when employees click on a simulated phish. It informs them of the new types of current threats and examples of email subjects they need to be especially vigilant about. It also gives them alternatives to what they should do instead of clicking on that link!

Free Course: Internet Security When You Work From Home

Use this 15-minute online training course to help your users understand the challenges when preparing to work remote and train them on best practices for implementing a secure office environment while working from home. 
Available in 9 languages!

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Internet Security When You Work From Home
Work From Home and Coronavirus Security Awareness Training Resources

Work From Home and Covid-19 Security Awareness Training Resources

As you deploy new Work From Home strategies for your users, keep security top of mind. Check out the KnowBe4 ModStore for a preview of training resources to help educate your users about COVID-19 and how to work securely during these times.

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Critical Considerations To Improve Your Remote Employee Security During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Quickly evolving travel and social requirements in response to COVID-19 mean that, like it or not, many organizations like yours are asking traditional office-based employees to work from home. Today's technology allows that to happen in many cases with relative ease; however, are your employees prepared with the necessary knowledge to keep themselves and your network safe under these circumstances?

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Critical Considerations To Improve Your Remote Employee Security During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Cyber Preparedness and Response Articles

Should you phish test during the COVID-19 pandemic?

There’s no question, these are challenging times. Employees and organizations around the world are doing their best to keep everyone safe and settle-in to a new normal for accomplishing work from home. Tensions are high; and fear and uncertainty abound. No one wants to add more stress.

Covid-19 Best Practices from KnowBe4 and Transperfect

The KnowBe4 Courseware team has teamed up with Transperfect to offer this 2-minute video module on COVID-19 best practices for employees. It is now available in the ModStore in 10 languages. You will find this very concise but informative module a great resource for your organization!

Bad Guys Push New COVID-19 Message: You Are Infected

Malicious actors continue to craft ruthlessly aggressive, evil email attacks tailored to leverage mounting fears and anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak among employees in the office and at home. In the latest phishing email reported to KnowBe4 by customers.

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