Security Awareness Team

You could spend a fortune purchasing technology and services, and your network infrastructure could still remain vulnerable to old-fashioned manipulation.”
— Kevin Mitnick

Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 Mission

KnowBe4 enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day.

KnowBe4 Philosophy

We are happy to go against the grain.
We’re not a company that turns out bloatware year after year.
We don’t work with only the bottom line in mind.
And we feel fine with all that.

We’re a team of free-thinking techies, who look at IT security issues a little differently.
Where other IT security companies may value profits, we value, well…security.
We are not in the pocket of any of the large players.
We answer to no one but IT admins in the trenches.

Our rules are: “Do it right the first time, do it fast, and have fun while you do it”.
We work like that, because we think it’s the only way to go.
We believe that only with community can you effectively secure your domains.
We believe that as IT Admins we need to hang together, because if we don’t we will hang alone.

We’re not just a different kind of security company, we are a security company that together with you, makes a difference.


Inc. 500
Gartner Peer Insights Reviews
Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center Affiliate
Tampa Bay Times Top Places to Work 2016
Cybersecurity 500 World's Hottest Security Companies
Deloitte 2016 North America Technology Fast 500
SaaS1000 1st Quarter 2018


KnowBe4 In 30 Seconds

We are a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the fastest-growing vendor in this space.

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

The KnowBe4 platform is user-friendly and intuitive. It was built to scale for busy IT pros that have 16 other fires to put out. Our goal was to design the most powerful, yet easy-to-use platform available.

Customers of all sizes can get the KnowBe4 platform deployed into production twice as fast as our competitors. Our Customer Success team gets you going in no time, without the need for consulting hours.

The adage is true that the security systems have to win every time, the attacker only has to win once.”

— Dustin Dykes.

KnowBe4 About Us Video


Old-school awareness training does not hack it anymore

Your email filters have an average 10.5% failure rate, you need a strong human firewall as your last line of defense.

KnowBe4 is your platform for new-school security awareness training. We help you keep your users on their toes with security top of mind. With this new-school integrated platform you can train and phish your users, see their Phish-prone percentage™ improve over time and get measurable results.

You get on-demand, interactive, engaging training through the browser combined with unlimited simulated social engineering attacks through email, phone and text.

Your KnowBe4 subscription gives you access to the world’s largest security awareness training library with always-fresh content.

You can choose from dozens of categories with thousands of real-world, known-to-work phishing templates in 24 languages.

With our platform you can use unique features like the Smart Groups for ad-hoc reporting, our Automated Security Awareness Program to create your fully mature, customized program, and the powerful Active Directory Integration for easy and fast user management.

KnowBe4 is a great way to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

Find out how affordable this is for your organization and be pleasantly surprised.

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Awards Showcase


• Inc. 500 #96
• Fortune Magazine 100 Best Places to Work for Millennials #60
• Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity 500 #2
• Tampa Bay Business Journal - Fast 50 #2
• Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Place to Work (Extra Large Category)
• JMP Super 70
• Business Observer Top 500 #141


• 2017 North American Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Platform Customer Value Leadership Award
• Gartner Security Awareness Training – 2017 Leadership placement in Magic Quadrant
• Inc. 500 #231
• Deloitte Technology Fast 500 #70
• Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity 500 #6
• Tampa Bay Business Journal – Fast 50 #3
• Tampa Bay Times – Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay
• Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Place to Work – (Nearly big 100+) and Best Overall
• CEO Stu Sjouwerman EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
• #3 Ranked of the 153 Best Company Cultures in America 2017 Entrepreneur magazine (Nearly big 100+)
• Gold Winner, Security Training and Educational Programs from Info Security Products Guide
• Silver Winner, Fastest Growing Security Company of the Year from Info Security Products Guide


• Gartner Security Awareness Training – 2016 Challenger placement in Magic Quadrant
• Inc. 500 #139
• Deloitte Technology Fast 500 #50
• Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity 500 #220
• Tampa Bay Times Best Place to Work – Small companies 50-149 employees
• Black Book Highest Ranked Vendor Security Related Training Programs (given at InfoSec 2016)


• Gartner Security Awareness Training – 2015 Niche placement in Magic Quadrant


KnowBe4 Infrastructure Security

KnowBe4 is an IT security company, so our infrastructure was built from the ground up to have a secure, and fault-tolerant cloud-based infrastructure. KnowBe4 was PCI compliant from day one.

  • Our Development Group consists of software engineers that have 10+ years of experience in creating secure applications.
  • Our servers are hardened Linux machines, any critical connections all use secure sockets layer.
  • The databases are backed up daily.
  • We do not store passwords in plain-text, we use a one-way salted, peppered and 10x encrypted hash mechanism, in which passwords cannot be retrieved even if we want to.
  • Regarding the Phishing Security Tests, the data we store consists only of email addresses, and what this address has clicked on. No other data gets stored, and KnowBe4 has done everything to be secure, scalable and reliable.
  • Regarding the Vishing Security Tests, the data we store consists of the user’s name and phone number, and if they entered any information on their phone. No confidential data gets stored or reported.
  • As the phishing tests only use standard email/web protocols, and do not include any actual malware, KnowBe4 phishing tests will not introduce any vulnerabilities into your systems.

Note: our infrastructure runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which has the following certifications:
“AWS has achieved ISO 27001 certification and has successfully completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits. We will continue to obtain the appropriate security certifications and conduct audits to demonstrate the security of our infrastructure and services.” More about AWS certifications and accreditations here:

Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

Compliance with EU Protection of Personal Data (Directive 95/46/EC)
KnowBe4 complies with the EU Protection of Personal Data Directive as set forth by the Directive 95/46/EC Article 29 Working Party. KnowBe4 operates a separate instance of its application in an EU datacenter for customers wishing to have their data reside within an EU approved country. Some data subprocessors in use by KnowBe4 only offer services within the US. A listing of these subprocessors can be provided upon signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Any requests from users of the KnowBe4 applications who seek access, or who seek to correct, amend, or delete inaccurate data may do so directly by logging in to the appropriate application or by contacting the KnowBe4 application administrator for their organization.




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