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Deliver Real-Time Coaching In Response To Risky User Security Behavior With SecurityCoach

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According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the human factor is involved in 82% of breaches. Bad actors try to exploit your users by looking for any way to breach your cybersecurity defense layers.

Social engineering techniques like phishing, spear phishing, and impersonation are being used by cybercriminals to manipulate your employees in attempts to hack into your organization causing significant downtime risks.

Your best defense is to develop a strong security culture across your organization that engages your users and reinforces the importance of following your organization’s security policies, strengthening your human firewall. Your IT and SOC teams play a critical role in strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture. SecurityCoach unites these two teams with a shared critical goal: securing the human layer of your security stack to further improve your security culture and your overall cybersecurity posture.

Improve Your Overall Security Culture and Reduce Risk

SecurityCoach allows you and your SOC team to leverage your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, extending the value of your security stack investment, and reducing SOC alert noise and fatigue caused by repetitive risky user behaviors.

SecurityCoach helps you augment your security awareness training effectiveness and take a data-driven approach to quantifying and reducing human risk by combining existing technology with real-time behavior coaching and new-school security awareness training. When you provide instant coaching on risky activities, you not only significantly improve the understanding and retention of your users, you are also able to build a more effective and mature security culture across your whole organization in less time.

Deliver Real-Time Coaching in Response to Risky User Behavior with SecurityCoach

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Key Benefits

SecurityCoach improves your organization's security culture and reduces risk. It turbocharges your security awareness training program, extends the value of your existing security stack and turns alert fatigue into an opportunity to train your users.

Reinforce Security

Reinforce Security Policies

Reinforce user comprehension and retention of security training and established security policies with real-time coaching on real-world behavior.

Gain Additional Value from your Investment

Gain Additional Value from Your Investment

Leverage your existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching to your risky users and gain additional value from your existing investments.

Customize Training for High-Target Users

Customize Training for High-Target Users

Build custom campaigns for high-risk users or roles that are considered a valuable target for cybercriminals or that keep repeating risky behaviors.

Measure Positive Change in Security Behavior

Measure Positive Change in Security Behavior

Track and report on improved real-world security behavior across your organization, providing justification for continued investment.

Build a Stronger Security Culture

Build a Stronger Security Culture

Measurably reduce risk while building a mature security culture in less time.

Reduce Volume of Alert Noise

Reduce Volume of Alert Noise

Reduce the burden on your SOC and improve efficacy by decreasing alert noise caused by repetitive risky security behaviors.


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See how you can improve your security culture and coach your users in real-time with SecurityCoach:

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