How SecurityCoach Works

Further Protect Your Organization’s Largest Attack Surface

SecurityCoach is designed to leverage your organization’s existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching to risky users and gain additional value from your existing investments.

How SecurityCoach Works

SecurityCoach Workflow

    1. The security stack vendors you integrate with your KnowBe4 console will monitor for risky activity on your users’ devices.

    2. Then, alert data is shared with SecurityCoach. SecurityCoach analyzes your detected events and determines which threats provide the best opportunities to coach your users in real time.

    3. When risky user behavior is detected, SecurityCoach automatically sends a real-time SecurityTip notification to that user via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email. 

How It Works

SecurityCoach uses standard APIs to quickly and easily integrate your organization’s existing security products with your KnowBe4 console. Your security stack generates alerts that are then analyzed by SecurityCoach to identify events related to any risky security behavior from your users.

For example, if a user opens an infected email attachment which might spread ransomware in your network, or tries to visit a website with restricted content on their work computer, your security products detect this and create an event alert. SecurityCoach identifies that event and then, via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email, sends a real-time SecurityTip to that user acknowledging that “Hey, this is a security risk and here’s why”.

You can set up real-time coaching campaigns to target risky users based on those events from your network, endpoint, identity, web security and other vendors within your security stack. These campaigns enable you to coach your users at the moment the risky behavior occurs, providing real-time feedback and reinforcing the security awareness and compliance training campaigns you run today.

Intro to SecurityCoach

SecurityCoach Overview

Using Real-Time Coaching Campaigns

See how you can improve your security culture and coach your users in real-time with SecurityCoach:

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