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Secure the Digital Future by Preparing Your Students with KnowBe4 Student Edition.

The KnowBe4 Student Edition is security awareness training curated to help students recognize and navigate cybersecurity threats in and out of the classroom. Using the KnowBe4 platform, this training provides crucial knowledge to students and academic institutions, forming a strong human firewall as the last line of defense against cyber attacks.

Here’s how KnowBe4's Student Edition helps:

  • Cyber Vigilance as Second Nature: Training content will help students adopt a cybersecurity-first mindset, making safe online behavior a habitual part of their digital interactions
  • Empowered Student Body: Interactive, relatable courses are uniquely formulated to resonate with students
  • Career Preparation: By building a solid foundation of cybersecurity know-how, students are not merely securing their academic lives but also gaining invaluable readiness for their future careers
  • Special Student Pricing: This special offering adds exceptional value to your existing KnowBe4 subscription, helping you invest in your students’ cybersecurity proficiency

KnowBe4 Student Edition is available as an add-on across existing KnowBe4 Subscription Levels.

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