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Supercharge Your Anti-Phishing Defense with PhishER Plus

PhishER Plus is the most powerful anti-phishing protection available in the world. Powered by a new, unique KnowBe4 global threat feed that leverages crowdsourced and AI-validated phishing threat intelligence, you can block malicious emails and phishing attacks before they ever make it into your users’ inboxes.

With PhishER Plus you can:

  • Block email threats that have bypassed all other email security filters or systems before they reach your users’ inboxes with the Global Blocklist
  • Isolate malicious emails that already bypassed your mail filters through automated quarantine with Global PhishRIP
  • Crowdsource threat intelligence from 10+ million KnowBe4 trained users
  • Leverage the power of triple-validated threat intelligence to protect your organization from new attacks
  • Save time and budget by reducing the volume of remediation efforts handled by your SOC Team

PhishER Plus is available as a stand-alone product or as an upgrade option for current PhishER customers.


You can't afford to miss out on PhishER Plus!

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