Live Demo: KnowBe4 Student Edition

Secure the Digital Future by Preparing Your Students to Act Against Cyber Threats.

In today's digital learning landscape, it's your job to ensure that students are vigilant of cyber threats. You need a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that addresses not just technical loopholes, but also the human risk factor.

In this live one-on-one demo we will show you how KnowBe4 Student Edition will help students adopt a cybersecurity-first mindset, making safe online behavior a habitual part of their digital interactions.

KnowBe4’s Student Edition aims to:

  • Ingrain cybersecurity vigilance as part of students’ daily internet usage and practices
  • Mitigate human risk in schools by empowering students with cybersecurity knowledge
  • Prepare students for the workforce by enabling a strong security culture
See for yourself how KnowBe4 Student Edition will help students make safe online behavior a habit in their everyday life!

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